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There is no automatic way to prevent any injuries. They will happen and usually when an athlete least expects it too. Football and other contact sports usually include the most amount of injuries due to hard hits, and jarring of joints and ligaments. Every sport has some risk of injury and that must be kept in mind. So, your probably wondering what you can do to prevent injuries?

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Here is a fun fact to keep in mind, when a football player jumps to catch a pass. Their decent back to the ground he will create over 1,000 pounds of pressure onto the femur. This seems scary but the human body will surprise you. The best way to prevent an injury is training. Put your muscles and joints through high amounts of stress and pressure by lifting weights. Lifting weights will help strengthen joints, muscles, and ligaments to help prepare them for a violent hit, or unusual movement. Be careful to not over stress your body. I would recommend lifting and training 4 days a week, 5 days max.

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A football athlete may also take the route of purchasing braces. Many companies make knee, ankle or shoulder braces. These are very common football injuries. Its up too the athlete to make the choice of wearing one or not. On a personal note I don't like them because they are usually big and bulky. I was a big fan of tapping the area that was injured. It allowed a little extra support, without all the extra material of a brace.

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Knees injuries are very common in football and may happen to you. If you have already injured a knee it may be a good idea to wear a brace on that knee to help support it. A brace may also help prevent another injury.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Find a good weight lifting from a coach or online. Never over stress your body. If it hurts give it a break. Almost half of any sport related injury happened and was played with and injured worse than before.

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There is no funny story about becoming hurt when playing a sport.

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I partial tore my mcl ligament my junior football season. It was very painful and a long process to recovery.

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