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To buy a set of thigh pads, first locate the pocket where the thigh pads will be placed into to the pants. This step would be used in traditional type pants. Many companies like Nike or Under Armor make football girdles that can't be taken out our replaced by other thigh pads.

Step 2

Some thigh pads may fit easier into the thigh pad slot. The best thing to do, is to take the pants to a store and try to fit different pads into the slot. The slots that the thigh pads will be placed into is located within the pants and fits into a small sleeve. It may be easier to take out the pads by flipping the pants inside out.

Step 3

When fitting the pads, the pads should be placed into the slot fairly easily. Once the pads are in the slot there shouldn't be a lot of room for the pads to slide around within the slot. If they can slide around to easily, than the thigh pads are to small for the slot within the pants. You should then find a larger par of pads.

Step 4

You can purchase thigh pads online or a sporting good store. Its a personal preference on what type of pads to purchase. Many companies make pads that are thicker than others and these generally cost more to purchase. Thickness makes a big difference when being hit in the thigh area. It might be a good idea to buy the more expensive, thicker pads if you play a position that involves a lot of contact.

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If you buy compression shorts with pads already into place these pads will not work for these type of girdles. These pads will only work for traditional pants.

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Everyone needs football thigh pads to play the game. I wouldn't advise anyone to not play without thigh pads.

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