How To Develop Lats

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Step 1

First, warm up and stretch the back muscles and lats by grabbing a chair or the end of a wall and letting your body hang as you really feel your shoulders and upper back muscles stretch. Adjust as needed so that you really feel as if you were making your arms longer.

Step 2

Pick an exercise, such as a lat pull-down, dumbbell row, or just a standard pull up.For the purpose of this tip, I would suggest a bent over dumbbell row with lower weight than you would normally I said, you are isolating the lats, thus, eliminating any other stabilizer muscles at the top of every repetition.

Step 3

Now when you get onto the bench, grab the weight with a normal grip. Perform the movement as you normally would, and remember to keep your elbow in as close as you can. When you pull the dumbbell up, and your upper arm is parallel to your body, squeeze your lats together as if you were trying to decrease the distance in between your arm and your back. At the top of the rep, hold for one second and slowly lower down. Use this tip for every singe lat movement that you do and in one workout, you will notice a much bigger pump in your back. After two weeks you will see why I use this with every workout.

Step 4

Repeat for as many reps as you'd like, however, to start out; I'd recommend that you start with 6-8 reps with 3 sets. Have fun, be safe, and remember, "Go big or go home!"

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For years and years I tried to get lats as big as bruce lee, I even swam in high school and still couldn't get them much bigger. I thought it was poor genetics. After I learned this trick; I cut the time spent working out my back in half!

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I got started by researching the anatomy of the the back. Then I combined it with the physiology of the muscles used in back exercises. Then I decided to start experimenting with different techniques to isolate the lats themselves during a weightlifting session.

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