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To start off, I want you to understand that everyone's body chemistry is different and just because 99% of people have certain results, remember that yours may be a little different. That's where you come into play, because no one knows your body better than you and it is up to you to tweak your routine or diet for your desired results.

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Now everyone's heard of the pre-workout drinks and powders commonly called "No-Xplode". Most pre-workout formulas are filled with B-Vitamins, small amounts of creatine and loads of CAFFEINE. These ingredients alone are enough to get your blood warm and your heart pumping. It was pre-workouts like these, that I was taking for several years but still never felt that "Pump" I mentioned earlier. Make no doubt about it, I had some crazy energy for a couple of hours, but the crash that came immediately afterwards made me start to wonder what else I could take to pump some real iron.

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For those of you that aren't chemistry majors, I'll spare all the boring and confusing details associated with body chemistry and physiology. What you need to know....what took me a looonngg time to realize; is that that classic "Pump" didn't just come from insane quantities of caffeine, but also/mostly from Carbohydrates. Now yes, having a lil' caffeine to get your heart rate up won't hurt, but what your body is looking for...the energy it is craving comes from the carbs.

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Carbs are going to fuel your muscles during your workout and allow you to put up a lot more weight than just taking "No-xplode". In short, your muscles would always rather BE full of fuel, as opposed to FEELING like they have fuel. When all you have is the "feeling" of energy and your workout is as intense as you want to look, you ultimately exhaust your muscles and crash hard.

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Lastly, I want to stress the importance of staying hydrated while taking any's a bit counterproductive to take all these supplements and look this awesome just to die from liver failure because you couldn't choke down a few liters of water every day. The mixture that I use personally and can say works 100% for me is a pre-workout serving of Cytosport's MonsterPUMP, and a 45 minute preworkout dose of Karbolyn. The pre-digested, rapidly absorbed carbohydrate matrix that works wonders on the pump. Now enough talk, get out and lift something....but do it properly and stay safe.

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I first started trying to find out how to get more energy when I noticed my workouts lacking something. They were lacking that "PUMP" that all hardcore bodybuilders and extreme athletes talk about. After using myself as a guinea pig for about a year; I came up with the perfect energy boost.

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