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To buy rugby training balls you should consider the size of the balls. Many companies will make a range and variety of rugby balls. There is usually a larger and smaller ball to accommodate to all ages and genders. You should also consider the material they are made of and how durable they will be.

Step 2

To buy rugby balls. it would be in your best interest to shop both online, and at local stores. I would first start by looking online at different stores and comparing prices between them. Since you are buying rugby training balls you shouldn't be looking at the most expensive balls. They are going to be getting muddy, stepped on, and faded in short time. I would buy cheaper balls in this case.

Step 3

Once you have found a store that seems to have good prices wether it be online or at a local store, find a brand that you like. Different brands make balls slightly different in quality due to the material they construct the balls with. For example a company will make a high quality ball but it will cost much more. I would also bring into accommodation the size of the balls. If your younger I would by a size 3 ball, if your older I would buy a size 5 ball. The ball size its just related to the age and skill level different leagues play at. The size 5 ball is pretty universal when it comes to the rugby world.

Step 4

Once you have found the brand and balls you like, you should determine how many you will be buying. In the past I found it most effective to have other team members give me money and order them balls. This way everyone has their own ball and can bring it to practice. When you buy more balls companies will usually take cut the price down and give you a nice little discount for the business. You don't have to buy balls for your teammates and can just order them yourself if you wish, but there is no sense in having more than 2 balls.

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Find some average balls because they will be cheaper. You can cut a lot of corners by having your teammates buy balls as well.

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