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Forearm pads aren't very common in todays game of football. However its more of a positional preference. Meaning, positions such as linemen tend to wear these to help protect there forearm. Linemen get hit, bashed, clawed, and beat up on every square inch of their bodies. I would recommend a linemen to wear this over a quarterback or other positions.

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To find a forearm pad you can look at online websites or local sporting good stores. They are relatively easy to find where any padding, or supportive braces can be found.

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When fitting the pads you want them to fit sung against your arm. If it's to loose, it can cause discomfort and possibly slide or fall off in a game or practice.

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Since forearm pads get a lot of attention they can tear really easy at times. I would invest in a high quality brand because the material may be more durable and last longer. Cheaper pads tend to fall apart and tear much easier.

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Sizing is very important to get the best results. If its to loose it can fall off so make sure its snug against your arm.

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