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It's usually the High school football programs job to supply shoulder pads for their athletes. I have never had to purchase my own shoulder pads.

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"Customizing" shoulder pads isn't very common. However you can make additions to shoulder pads such as buying a neck or back pad to help protect against injury. These pads are additions to the shoulder pads, and are extra purchases that don't come with the shoulder pads.

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Shoulder pads differ only in size. Generally, High school coaches will buy a wide variety of sizes for the athletes to choose from. Different companies make nearly the same quality of shoulder pads. Coaches will buy what their personal preference thinks is best, and give them to their athletes.

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Coaches will choose the brand of shoulder pads depending on the cost factors. Some brands have higher prices for their product and coaches will take that into effect. I wouldn't recommend an individual to buy their own shoulder pads. More than likely, the school will supply the athlete with them. However, if you wish to customize your shoulder pads, you can extra padding and other accessories for them.

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Make sure that the shoulder pads fit properly. Without properly fitting athletes can be injured. Usually the coach is very familiar with fitting shoulder pads, and has training within this area.

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I myself have never ordered my own shoulder pads. My high school always supplied them.

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