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Step 1

If you are just starting your workout routine, always try to stick with it. Don't get discouraged about it. Because if you really commit yourself, and you got to eat right, but you also have to be active, you will see results eventually. So, just stick with it and things are going to turn out.

Step 2

Back in May is when I really decided to try and dedicate myself to getting into a routine and I stick to it. Before, I kind of just work out once, twice a week, but it was nothing that, I wasn't consistently working out and because of that. I was not really in as good of shape as I am now. Back in May is when I decided the only way to rally get into shape is consistently dedicate it and say, "look, no matter how much time, maybe you have two hours, maybe five hours, I don't know, but if you are going to say that you are going to o something every day, then that is when you are going to get results."

Step 3

Sometimes I do go to the gym with my buddies and as I said before, most of the time I just workout by myself. Basically because I have a set routine and they usually have a set routine as well. So, it is not like we are always doing the same thing together. But, it is nice to go to the gym with him sometimes. We'll break off and do our own things. After a little while we will meet up and go for a job or something like that.

Step 4

One of the best magazines I pick up on a regular basis is Men's Health. Its got a lot of good things in there. Just normal tips on meals you can make really quickly that have a lot of good nutritional value in them as well as a lot of new little workout tips that you can pick up on. So, that's a good one.

Step 5

OK, what I am doing with my routine, I base it on a five-day basis. Where I will start in Monday and end on Friday and on Saturday, I will do something real quick if I am feeling ambitious, but don't really feel that I have to. Sunday is strictly, take it off and don't worry about it and let your body rejuvenate.

Step 6

I will start off on Mondays, actually pretty similar to my Thursdays - where I will work on biceps, triceps, and then Tuesdays and Fridays I will work on shoulders and chest. And where as Wednesdays, I kind of try to work the whole body. And kind of take a break. Not really a break, but just that day where biceps, triceps and shoulders and chest can kind of get a little healed up, so when you hit them again Thursday and Friday they are ready to go.

Step 7

Normally I work out, I am in a fraternity, we have a weight room up in the top-level. Pretty much what we have in there is a bench, we have a squat rack, there is a big universal machine that has just about everything on it. I don't use that so much, but there is a lot of barbells, a lot of free weights that you can use and pretty much made my whole workout revolve around that.

Step 8

I am mostly doing things where I don't need people to spot me because I like working out alone most of the time just because you save a lot of time when you do that. Unless you need somebody there to motivate you.

Step 9

No matter what, you have to try to take in as much protein as possible. They say a gram of protein for every pound of body weight per day. Which is really hard to do, considering they also say in one sitting, your body cannot intake more than 40 grams of protein. For lunch what I had today, was I had a bunch of tuna. I like tuna. Most people do not. But, it is a lot of really good lean protein in that. And you can pretty much get in at least 40 grams in that one sitting.

Step 10

At least three days out of the week, I will dine out somewhere. Normally, just get like a chicken salad, something like that. But, I don't like eating fast food at all. Not crazy about eating french fries or anything like that just because you are not really getting any nutritional value out of it. Pretty much what I do is, its not really as strict as to there are only things that I will eat, its just that I try to eat a real natural, healthy diet where I get all my vitamins in. And if I don't I normally try to take like a daily vitamin with that just in case I am missing something out of the diet.

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Stay dedicated and always get enough protein.

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I played football and ice hockey back in high school. So, they had us in the gym, working out on a regular basis. Coaches showed us a lot of good things to do. A lot of good routines, I learned a lot through those guys and also one of my best buds, back in high school his older brother was really into wrestling. He knew so much about it, so I was able to learn a lot from him as well. One of my good buddies, Ryan, actually, I learn a lot about nutrition and a new workout routines through him. He spends a lot of time, he reads up on it, so he knows what he is talking about when I ask him things. He has played a lot of sports, so he has been working out most of his life, until recently, not too long ago, he injured himself, but he is trying to get back into it now. I know its really tough for him, but he really commits himself to trying to eat the right things and do the right routines.


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