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I joined a fraternity when I was a freshman at Ohio State. It has been a really good experience. I learned a lot of things. I am a senior now. Not so much involved with it. But, during the couple years that I acted as the social chairman, and was in charge of alumni relations as well.

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There are a lot of things you do in there that you wouldn't normally learn - especially in the classroom. One specifically being, your social skills and really corresponding with people, especially working with the alumni, acting as a responsible adult in the way you communicate with them. I always tried to be on a very personable email basis, where I wouldn't send out mass emails that was obvious to all them what was going on that we were just fishing for any alumni who wanted to come back up. So, it was really good to work with them on certain projects and get them up to the house and get them back involved with the house.

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Its also fun being social chairman as well. Where I handled a pretty big budget for the house and took into consideration what a lot of people wanted to take to do - and into consideration what was best for the house. At the same time, I got to do what I wanted to do with all that. So, it was a really good time that I also learned some things in the process, too.

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Being from locally around here and working locally, its kind of eerie over break just because everybody normally leaves the house. I am pretty much the only one left in there except for maybe one or two other guys who are on the football team or whatever. So, he is just there practicing too and I am just going to work every day and come home to this huge, empty house. Its kind of strange. You get used to it. Its kind of nice for it to be quiet sometimes when it normally isn't. And sometimes you will come home and it turns out somebody is throwing a party at your house and you didn't really know about it or expect, but its definitely definitely weird over break.

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I joined a fraternity in my Freshman year.


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