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For those of you who are stepping into the gym for the first time with a goal physique, there's something you should consider. And for all of you who spend hours in the gym bulking up to a size that's worth being proud of, there's still something to consider. In both cases, this consideration is the amount of muscle cuts you bring out when it's time to show off your bod. For newbies, the cuts are on their way. For bulkers, the cuts are already there, hiding under a 'winter coat', as we like to call it in the bodybuilding world. Below I'll be giving a few bits of advice that can be used by all bodybuilders in the quest towards leaning down and getting muscle cuts that make the babes' eyes pop. Read on

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The first thing you should consider when you're striving to show off your muscle cuts is your diet. Eating a ton of carbohydrates day in and day out is a way to prevent your muscles from ever getting the leanness they need to show real definition. How can you combat this? Simple- eat fewer carbs. Personally, I like to consume a protein shake twice a day as a replacement for other meals. This shake fills me up pretty well, and it gives my body a ton of usable nutrition without adding unnecessary carbs. I drink one when I wake up, and one right after a workout. This way, I'm able to stifle any cravings for carbs that can set me back in my journey towards cut muscles. Besides the shake, eating a diet that's protein-rich and carb-minimal will give you the chance to show any muscle cuts you've developed in the weight room.

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The next thing you should consider when trying to show off your muscle cuts is the kind of working out you're doing. For those who are just starting, getting familiar with high-rep workouts is a surefire way to see muscle cuts develop in every part of your body. For those who have been bulking a while, the same thing applies. High-rep workouts allow your body to work on the tiny muscles inside of each group that, when grown a bit, accentuate the cuts in each major muscle. Weight isn't everything when it comes to bodybuilding; you need to know when to lay off the heavy weight and go full-bore into high reps.

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Thirdly, the best way to ensure that your muscles are developing the cuts you're looking for is through resistance bands. These bands, although not packing a ridiculous amount of resistance, let you do reps on reps on reps, which will guarantee an increase in muscle cuts over time. Get yourself a Black Mountain Resistance Band Set, which I've linked below. You can use these bands every night or every morning, opposite a workout, in the comfort of your own home, and surely get closer to showing all kinds of shredded muscle.

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While the exercises you do are important to developing muscle cuts, making sure you eat the right diet is paramount. If you're consuming carbs like nobody's business and you expect to walk away with chiseled abs and shredded arms, you've simply got another thing coming. By paying attention to your diet, and eating primarily protein, you'll find that your body will soon lean up enough to show cuts in places where you never thought they could exist.

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I was training one of my good friends for just over a year. He was pretty short, and he was extremely skinny when we started the program. By the end of our time as workout partners he found himself 40lbs. heavier and a whole lot stronger. He couldn't get enough of massive size- so he kept eating like a monster and doing extremely heavy lifts. Eventually, he was showing up to the gym in cut-offs that exposed rolls in his belly and back. Sure, he was really strong for his size; and yeah, he was pretty big for his height- but he lacked the definition to prove that it came from the gym and not from a whole lot of bread and beer. I told him to buckle down and get his diet right. He was unsure at first, because he enjoyed being so strong, but after a while he agreed. It took him 2 months of decent eating and high-rep exercises before he was walking into the gym with a solid six-pack and arms that looked like they were carved from marble. He was actually lighter than he had gotten used to -weaker, too- but his physique made him look like a Greek God. After that, he never went back to being oversized. Strength does have its perks, but definition will always rule all in the world of physique.

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I first started working on being cut up when I got into underwear modeling. Before that, I was worried about gaining as much weight as possible and being as strong as I could. I didn't even realize how chunky I had gotten, so when I started getting some serious muscle cuts it came as a major surprise. I couldn't believe that my physique was missing out on this look for such a long time! After I finally got down to an admirable leanness, I never went back. Using the tips above, you can get to that place too. And you might want to go back to not having as many muscle cuts- but I doubt it.
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