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Getting to the size where you develop stretch marks is definitely not an easy task, so if you're at that point, congratulations. Most weightlifters and prospective bodybuilders dream of the day that they'll be able to look in the mirror and see stretch marks as a reminder of just how much they've grown over the years. That being said, some people simply do not want stretch marks, and there's nothing wrong with that. Stretch marks typically show up just under the front delt, right over the armpit and the outer edge of the pec. Unfortunately, there is no real way to fully prevent stretch marks, unless you're lucky enough to have a certain kind of genetic perfection. There are, however, techniques to reducing stretch marks.

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One solid way to combat stretch marks is by amplifying the vitamins and minerals in your body. Getting a steady diet of Vitamin E will prevent you from developing stretch marks any earlier than you need to. Vitamin E can be somewhat difficult to come by in a normal food-diet, so try and get yourself a multivitamin that provides Vit. E. Muscletech has a great Platinum Multivitamin brand, which I've linked below, that can provide you with the vitamins necessary to fight stretch marks. Also, get yourself some lotion that is rich in Vitamin E, and rub that stuff into your stretch marks whenever possible. This, too, will help reduce the marking.

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Another way to help lessen the effects of stretch marks is to bulk a little less (or maybe just a little healthier) in the off season. Off season bulking, when taken to a fat-gaining extreme, can radically increase the amount of stretching your skin needs to do, which will certainly put you at risk for developing stretch marks. By keeping your bulking healthy, and reducing the amount of excess fat you put on, you'll slow down the advancement of impending stretch marks.

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If you're a bodybuilder, chances are stretch marks will happen no matter what. The best you can do is apply Vitamin E to your insides and outsides in an attempt to lessen the effects. Other than that, simply try to enjoy having them. I know it sounds crazy, but a lot of weightlifters everywhere would kill to show off some awesome stretch marks. And if you're really that worried about having them, just remember that they're only noticeable from an extremely close-up range.

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Stretch marks have been a big deal for some of my clients in the past. One particular client, though, decided that he was in the weightlifting game specifically to develop stretch marks. He figured that until he had those little purple stripes between his pec and delt, he wasn't anything but an amateur. After a few years of working together, I kind of forgot to keep asking him whether he had developed any stretch marks yet or not. Then one day, out of the blue, I noticed a little bit of purple under his arm as he did his bench pressing. "Whoa, dude," I said, "check out your armpit." After his set he ran over to the mirror and threw his arm up in the air, looked really closely at his armpit, and discovered a few teeny-tiny stretch marks. I have never seen anybody in the gym get so jubilant in my entire life. It just goes to show that one man's scar is another man's beauty mark.

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I got my first stretch marks when I was a freshman in college, bulked up to over 200lbs. I was actually happy with my marks, but my girlfriend didn't really like them. Because of her complaining, I decided to start taking a multivitamin and rubbing lotion into the marks. They definitely lessened a lot, and eventually she learned to love them for what they were. So don't mind much the stretch marks! Just get back to all that happy lifting,

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