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If you've ever seen a ripped guy on the beach, a pro on the stage, or a serious weightlifter on the street, you'll notice one thing in common between them all: vascularity. Some claim that vascularity is genetically related, and, to an extent, it is. For the most part, however, vascularity depends on how lean you are. Below I'll list a few different ways to lean up and increase your visible vascularity. Check it out

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First of all, and definitely most important, is your diet. In order to reduce body fat to a minimum, you should be ingesting protein as a majority. Great protein sources for lowering body fat come from baked chicken, fish, eggs, and lean red meats. You want these kinds of foods to constitute a huge portion of your daily intake. Other foods that are great to eat are vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower. Foods you should avoid for the most part are those that are highly concentrated with carbohydrates, such as potatoes, pastas, and breads. As for sugar- avoid it like the plague. You want nothing to do with sugar- even the sugar from fruit.

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Secondly, paying attention to your water and sodium intake is a good way to maximize the potential for vascularity. High water intake is necessary for feeding your body with essential nutrients to keep it healthy and strong. If you pair a lot of water with a lot of sodium, however, you will find that your body holds that water right underneath the skin, hiding any veins that may want to show themselves. Try and steer clear of over-drinking H2O, and definitely stay away from foods that are high in sodium (salt). This will allow your skin to cling tightly to your muscles, and any veins that are around will show themselves far more easily.

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Finally, doing an ample amount of cardio and high intensity lifting will burn any excess calories, leaving your body fat percentage low and your vascularity high. Make sure you take as little rest as possible between sets and exercises during your workouts, and try to do cardio (long periods of moderate cardio, or short periods of intense cardio) at least 3 times a week. Together, these two exercise related facets will provide you with a means towards gaining noticeable vascularity.

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Vascularity is almost entirely dependent on body fat percentage. Yes, some people have better genetics than others; but in these cases that only means that 10% body fat is low enough for some people's veins to show up, while others need to get down to 6-8% body fat. Either way, reducing your body fat to an extremely low percentage is guaranteed to promote increased vascularity. And besides, lean muscle always looks better than muscle covered with excess fat.

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Sometimes maintaining a diet with minimal carbohydrates can be hard. Personally, I make sure to get 2 protein shakes in each day: one at breakfast and one after my daily workout. These shakes are quick meals, and they allow me to consume a large amount of protein without worrying about carbs. Aside from that, focusing on a deliberate diet will result in a surefire way to acquire vascularity, no matter how much body fat you're starting with.

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I know more than a few people who look in the mirror and tell themselves that getting vascular and lean is impossible. Every time those people have come to me as clients, I've made it my personal mission to prove them wrong. Even somebody who starts at 35% body fat, with the right diet and amount of cardio, can easily, over time, make it down to a low enough body fat to start showing veins in their arms. After the arms always comes the lower stomach, then the chest, then the legs, and and so on. I've never met a person who, under the right methods of training and dieting, was unable to get vascular. It is open to anyone who is willing to put in the effort.

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I've always been naturally skinny, so for me being vascular was never really a problem. One year, though, I took my bulking to an extreme level. When I was at my heaviest, I noticed that I could barely see any veins at all, even when I had a massive pump going. After that, I started dieting and doing cardio until one day I made my way back down to a body fat percentage that allowed me to show all the veins I had to offer. So start eating right and hitting the treadmill (or the jump rope, in my case) and soon enough you'll be more vascular than you ever thought was possible.
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