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For those who find crazy diets and diet fads to be too intense to consistently follow, have no fear: isometric dieting is here to save the day. Isometric dieting involves eating equal amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins so that you can lose weight, satisfy your appetite, and provide the body with nutrients it can use to grow, grow, grow.

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In an isometric diet, getting a mixture of nutrients is essential. For this reason, strict bodybuilders should only use this diet when they're lowering their weight. Because of the mixture of nutrients, this diet does not offer enough protein to satisfy a muscle-mania attitude. However, if you plan to simply look good, healthy, and 'fit' while walking around, the isometric diet is definitely for you.

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For this diet, make sure that you eat equal parts fish, sweet potatoes, chicken, peanuts, brown rice, red meat, eggs, milk, and vegetables. You should split all of these foods equally between every single meal. Doing so will provide your body with a consistent and compensating amount of nutrients that will, in turn, create a wonderful and healthy physique for you.

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This diet plan is exceptionally great for those who have difficulty limiting the amount of carbs and "yummy foods" that they eat. You should still stay far away from sugar, but aside from that other carbs are just fine. Eating an equal amount of carbs, proteins, and fats will keep your body and your apatite satisfied and healthy. Healthily satisfied, I like to say.

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Mixing the above foods can seem confusing without a little bit of a guideline, so let me put it this way: you should seek to eat about 7 meals a day. During each meal, whether it be a snack or a large meal, you should mix any of the above foods (or any other particularly healthy foods that you enjoy) so that, by the end of the entire day of meals, you will have eaten relatively even amounts of each nutrient. This works best if you keep most of your meals pretty small, so that you don't overdo one nutrient -such as carbs- and leave another nutrient -such as protein- in the dust for that day. Remember, equality is the name of the macronutrient game when it comes to isometric dieting.

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This plan can be hard to grab enough protein for those of us who are weight lifters. Personally, I make sure to get a protein shake in the morning and after my workouts, that way I know my muscles are receiving enough protein to keep growing, as well as enough carbs and fats to keep my whole system running smoothly overall.

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Some members of my family got super hooked on a crazy diet fad for a while, and they noticed pretty good results from it. The problem was that this fad required them to neglect certain foods in order to find success. They eventually reverted back to their old eating habits, and simultaneously reverted back to their old weights and health levels. Then I introduced them to the isometric diet plan- from then on they ate foods in a steady and mixed manner, and they have been consistently losing weight ever since. Hooray for isometric dieting!!

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I first did isometric dieting when I was involved in my "look good but not extremely muscular" stage. This diet works absolute wonders, and it can be sustained forever and ever without any regrets for the foods you're eating or missing out on. Give it a shot, and I can almost guarantee that you'll love it.
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