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Some people think that those who train at home are neglecting themselves of a good workout. It actually seems to be a common belief that working out at home without a completely furnished, state-of-the-art gym is nothing more than a joke for old ladies and people who aren't serious. Well today I'm here to debunk that myth and show you that even working out at home can bring the kind of intensity necessary for gains in size, strength, definition, endurance- basically the whole gamut.

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High intensity training at home depends on a couple of key factors- 1. the rate of motion at which you workout; 2. the amount of exercises you string together; 3. whether or not you use shock method training; and 4. how motivated you are. In the following paragraphs I'll detail each step in order to provide you with the necessary knowledge to approach your at home workouts with vigor and walk away from them with nothing but sweat and success.

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First of all, you need to move quickly through your workouts. Just because you're at home doesn't mean that you should be paying attention to things going on at your house, or feel more inclined to hop on your cellphone during your workout. On the contrary, being at home should allow you to workout with a rate of speed that might make you feel foolish to do at a public gym. You should perform reps as if there was a ceaseless countdown in your ear, and you should fly from set to set like the wind itself couldn't hope to catch you. This kind of speed with ensure that the intensity of your workouts is in peak form, and you will definitely see fast and sizable results.

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You also should consider putting together a circuit for working out at home. Circuits will force you to move from exercise to exercise with a minimum amount of rest in-between, and they also ensure that you get enough exercises in each workout to guarantee enough overall intensity afflicted towards your muscles. Besides, circuits make time go by faster and they're a ton of fun to do.

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Next up is employing shock training methods. Shock training is a type of training the employs radical methods in order to confuse your muscles into using more energy than they're used to, which will: A. increase growth; and B. definitely raise up the intensity. There is an article on this website that goes more in depth with shock method training, and I highly recommend that you give it a good read, as you will find its details to be most applicable to the situation of increasing the intensity of your home-workout routines.

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Finally, in order to make sure that your workouts are intense, you should have a great mindset approaching each workout. This involves a few different factors. First of all, you should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, that way you walk into your home gym with the intention of banging the iron around as if nobody could stop you. Secondly, holding onto a steady and healthy diet will offer you the means to putting forth as much energy as your body can muster during any workout, regardless of if you're at home or in the gym. Lastly, I personally take preworkout before all of my at home workouts, that way I really go haywire on the weights and walk away feeling like an absolute god damn champion. It works for me, maybe it would work for you too...

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Altogether, these above angles will cooperate to create a picture of home-workout intensity like none you've ever seen before. Applying fast workouts, healthy habits, shock methods, and circuit training will guarantee that you turn your home workouts into sessions that are worthy of previous and ongoing Olympians. Trust me- this stuff really works.

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The hardest part about working out with intensity at home is probably the amount of comfort that you're able to ascertain. By getting yourself a quality yoga mat (such as the one that I've listed below) you'll make sure that you never walk away from an intense home-gym workout with any soreness other than the soreness that you meant to inflict upon your soon-to-grow muscles.

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There was one time that I rolled my ankle terribly, and I was confined to crutches for over a month. During this time, I was unable to go to the gym, as moving around people who were lifting heavy weights would be unsafe with crutches, so I had to workout at home. I designed a lot of different routines to do so that I could avoid boredom, and in my time of home-workouts I discovered that intensity is absolutely no problem. By using the methods that I gave you above, I always made every workout intense enough to compete with a fully-loaded gym. Not to mention that I was sitting the entire time, since I couldn't put any weight on my ankle. So if I could do can do it. Definitely.

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I first learned about high intensity training at home when I injured my ankle. Like I said above, I was quickly able to make the transition from gym to home, and I never had any problems with keeping the intensity as high as I normally keep it. Go ahead and give the advice above a shot, and you'll find that your home workouts can easily rival any workouts that you or your friends have done at the gym.
Happy lifting,

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