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If you want to gain mass and have fun doing it, explosive reps are the way to go. Explosive reps require you to engage the fast-twitch muscles in your entire body in order to lift the weight in a way that mimics the name: 'explosively'. This kind of power exertion causes your muscles to heal as largely as possible, giving you optimum mass-gain. There are three explosive exercises I'll go over below (the three best IMO) and you can transfer the method of performing these exercises over to any exercise you so desire. Take a look

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The first and probably single best explosive exercise is the Squat Clean. Squat Cleans require you to utilize every. single. muscle. in your entire body, making them an excellent exercise for any workout. In order to do the squat clean correctly, you have to explode upwards with the bar, lifting your feet slightly off the ground at the top of the movement, then dipping down into a squat. The amount of exertion that you put into each rep will force all of your muscles to grow massively in their time of recovery.

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The next exercise we'll look at are bench presses. There are so many different ways to do a bench press, so looking at them from an explosive standpoint will give you the chance to understand the method of explosive reps more clearly. When doing explosive reps on the bench press, lower the weight down to your chest and hold it for a second, then push it up as if you were planning to throw the bar up to the ceiling (without actually throwing the bar, of course). When you get to the top of the movement, rest for a split second, then immediately begin bringing the bar down again. I always try and imagine that the explosion upwards happens because there are a pair of just-ignited rockets strapped to my elbows.

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The final exercise is going to be box-squats. Box squats allow you to load up a lot of weight and focus exclusively on explosive repetitions. Lower yourself until you're completely sitting on the box. Sit there for as long as you like (although I recommend no more than 2 or 3 seconds) and then stomp your feet down and explode your body upwards. The insane explosiveness of the upward movement will whip your body into a mass-gaining frenzy.

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While I only gave you examples for three exercises, you will notice that the method is similar throughout: you reach a point where the weight is ready to be moved and then you wait a moment. After that moment, you explode with a contraction, making the rep as quick and powerful as possible. This can be applied to any exercise you desire, and the results will be gaintastic.

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Explosive reps require you to focus primarily on the contraction portion of the movement. The retraction portion (the lowering of the weight) is essentially useless when considering explosive reps. So make sure you put every ounce of energy into the contracting movement and you'll be good as gold.

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When I was a freshman in college I worked out in the same gym as a junior Olympian. All he ever did were explosive reps, and even though he was only roughly five feet tall, he was big as hell. His arms and back were massive, and his legs were like rocks. He could lift more weight than anyone else in there- even the guys who were six feet tall. He was a nice kid though, and I asked him how he got to be the way he did. "Genetics," he admitted, "and also a lot of power and explosive movements. They've been my bread and butter for as long as I can remember." Well, if that's the bread and butter you need in order to gain mass, sign me up for a fresh loaf and a pound of churned dairy.

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I first started doing explosive reps during my powerlifting days. I would do at least 2 explosive movements during every single workout. During that time I moved my weight from 160 lbs to over 200 lbs. Trust me, explosive reps are no joke. So strap those rockets on, light em up, explode the weight around, and keep your lifting happy

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