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Most guys shave every day and it is best to shave in the shower. Shaving in the shower is a good habit to develop since hot, steamy water softens the beard and makes it easier to shave off because the pore opens and allows the hair to extend more.

Step 2

We recommend this fogless shaving mirror because it will last longer from the cheap versions. Some of the less expensive shower mirrors take too long to "heat up" By the time the fog disappears from the mirror, so it is time to get out of the shower. Actually, there's a science to shaving in the shower and Campus Men recommends the following procedures and products:

Step 3

1) First, lather and rinse your body using a good exfoliating body soap such as Anthony Logistics Mud Scrub Exfoliating Bar. It contains Dead Sea mud and oatmeal extract and has a nice, minty aroma.

Step 4

2) Next, apply a pre-shave such as Anthony Logistics for Men Pre-Shave Oil to stop razor burn and additionally soften the beard.

Step 5

3) Apply a gel (not foam) shave cream to your face, using an upward and circular motion.

Step 6

4) Use only a "wet" razor for shaving in the shower. Disposable blades are best and be sure to use one only two times before tossing. This sounds expensive, but disposable blades are basically cheap grooming items when bought in bulk and can carry bacteria that cause breakouts. You don't want to use that Fusion Phenom Razor for 3 months to save money. So, it's best to use one only a few times.

Step 7

5) Shave in the direction of beard growth to avoid razor burn, bumps and in-grown hairs. If your beard hair grows downward, shave in a downward motion.

Step 8

6) Once you've rinsed and are out of the shower, apply a quality, non-alcohol after shave such as ClarinsMen Moisture Balm, Kiehls - Soothing and Nourishing Face Cream for Men or Tend Skin For Men.

Step 9

Tend Skin for Men closes pores and helps avoid shaving bumps and ingrown beard hair. About 50 percent of African-American men and about 20 percent of Caucasian men suffer from razor "bumps" and ingrown hair of their faces. Tend Skin helps avoid those problems. It will also help women who have similar problems from shaving underarms and legs!

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