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Just because you are a young, healthy guy who takes good care of his body, don't think you can ignore taking care of your skin - especially facial skin.

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Your face makes that "first impression" on the girls you meet. It is a fact: a guy with average look can get better-quality girls simply by spending time to present and prepare his face - to take care of himself. Speaking of which, college students who Qualify to become Campus Men have a chance to impress girls with a bright, shiny face by uploading a photo. So, it's a way to look good and get noticed.

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Your face is the focus of girls' attention - at least at the beginning. So, there's nothing "gay" or "feminine" about a man taking special care of his skin.

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Guys with smooth, acne-free facial skin can attract a girl. And, a clean, clear complexion can be a real asset during a job interview or other crucial moments when appearances are key.

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Taking care of your facial skin today will also help avoid embarrassing skin problems later in life such as scarring, pitting and premature aging.

Step 6

Skin cleansing and exfoliating for men: Sure you wash your face every day - and maybe two or three times a day. But, washing alone isn't the important part of a good skin care regimen. First of all, what are you washing with? Bar soaps, especially drug store deodorant bars, can be very hard on your skin. Bar soaps contain alcohol and can dry out the skin, making acne, shaving bumps and other problems worse.

Step 7

Avoid soaps and cleansers containing salicylic, glycolic and beta hydroxyl acids since products with these are frequently harsh on skin. An alcohol-free face cleanser such as Action Face Scrub by Anthony for Men successfully removes dirt and oils without drying the skin and making blemishes worse! It also exfoliates.

Step 8

Exfoliating Skin: Beyond cleansing, it's important to regularly exfoliate your skin (remove dead skin cells), using a preparation for this purpose. Today's most popular exfoliating products are nature based and frequently contain fruit extracts or natural substances. Avoid the ones with apricot in favor of brands with jojoba that do not roughen or tear the skin. Another important ingredient in exfoliating scrubs is enzymes. Pineapple and papaya derivatives contain natural enzymes that soften the skin. Be sure to shun exfolliants with alcohol, fragrances and mineral oils.

Step 9

Recommended Skin Care Products: A good starting place for a good male skin care routine is the Anthony Logistics For Men A Clean Start Kit, containing cleanser, after-shave, moisturizer and under-eye gel.

Step 10

We recommend you invest in a good, lighted facial mirror such as the Conair BE18LC Chrome Double Sided 5x Lighted Makeup Mirror . Bathroom mirrors won't tell you the true story and bathroom lighting is notoriously bad. When a girl kisses your lips, she sees you up close. Your bathroom mirror is 18 inches or farther away. A good close-up mirror reveals flaws you might not see otherwise and helps you get at those "trouble spots" easily. But, here is an added reason why you should spend a little extra for this mirror: it impresses girls. Girls visit your apartment or dorm. They go to pee, and see this impressive mirror. It tells tham you take care of yourself! After you try our recommend products for 6 weeks, send us an email to let us know what you think.

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If you are into taking care of your face and looking good, you are the type of guy who girls want to see as a Campus Man. Girls like guys who look good. Shooting a photo that is required to Create a Profile on Campus Men is an awesome chance to look your best. Wear your best shirt, perfect skin and be clean shaven. Make sure you look good enough that girls want to meet the guy they see in the photo.

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