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So, I was a student at Ohio State and for one of my electives, I just had some free time and decided to take a boxing class. I end up really liking it. It was pretty fun. Them once that class was over, I found myself up in Cleveland Ohio on an internship, and decided with that free time, I would learn how to box.

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So, first thing to do is find a gym. Go online, search your city, there is a really good database out there for boxing gyms. And just go in there and check it out.

Step 3

So, what you will find in a boxing gym as it differs from a normal gym that you might find at a Gold's or World Gym, a boxing gym, will basically have a boxing ring in it. Just a full-size one, three ropes around, and when you walk in, they will also have a variety of heavy bags, they will have just a normal heavy bag, an upper cut bag, a speed bag that will help you build some stamina and probably have a bunch of mats, that you might find in a wrestling ring. That is just for practicing foot work, and doing jump rope and a bunch of conditioning.

Step 4

Talk to the guy up front, who is probably an ex-boxer or a current boxers and see what their deals are. For my personal experience, I went into a club up in the Cleveland area walked in, told the guy I wanted to learn how to box. He told me that if I fight for him, admission would be free. If not, the cost would be X amount of dollars per month. That is the way he ran it.

Step 5

I told him I wasn't sure if I wanted to start fighting, but I just wanted to learn. So, he decided to play it by ear. So, he said, basically, just keep coming in there and as soon as I piss him off, he would start charging. That was my experience. It may vary. You may get charged by the lesson or by the month. So, just find a good place - a place you are comfortable with - and go with them.

Step 6

So, the trainer you will meet, from my experience the trainer you will meet was an ex-fighter. A real thick-skulled dude. He could be fun, but don't waste his time. If you go in there, just make sure you are ready to work. Don't go in there on a Monday, all hung over, smoking a pack of cigarettes the week before. because he is going to take it out on you. You are just going to keep running until you puke.

Step 7

Listen to what they say. Definitely try to learn. And I cannot stress not wasting their time enough because once they realize that you are not going to take it seriously, they are going to stop wasting their time on you.

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Make sure you always show the boxing trainer that you are dedicated to training.

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