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Building a noticeable amount of muscle without weights is no small task. In order to do it, you need to approach your fitness with optimum nutrition and hardcore calisthenics. That being said, building muscle without weights is a valuable thing to know, as it can save you tons of money in gym expenses and time in traveling back and forth. Below, I'll outline the kinds of foods you should be eating along with the methods of training you should employ on a daily basis in order to get big without ever touching the iron. Read on, wayward bodybuilding sons

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The first and foremost important factor in building muscle without weights is your diet. You are going to be required to eat an extremely heavy amount of protein, and limit the amount of carbs you eat to a moderate amount. Chances are that your methods of training will be long-winded and will require a lot of energy, which makes protein essential and carbs more than helpful. Consume at least 7 meals a day, and try to follow optimal nutrition guidelines (you can find a tip on optimal nutrition elsewhere on the website, and I highly recommend checking it out).

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Next up is your style of lifting. If you plan to never use actual weights, calisthenics is going to be the go-to route for muscle building. Calisthenics is a type of exercise that utilizes the weight of the body in order to promote muscle growth. There is an article on calisthenics that goes into depth insofar as how to approach your routines, and I say you should give that a read. But aside from that, make sure that, if your goal is muscle growth, you perform each exercise with intensity and explosiveness.

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Besides calisthenics there is also proprioceptive training, which can, if done diligently enough, provide an ample amount of muscle building potential. There is a detailed article on proprioceptive exercises elsewhere on this website and I highly recommend you read it. Proprioceptive training will force you to learn your body in and out, and increase your coordination massively. By combining proprioceptive training with calisthenic training, you should have no problem developing the muscular frame you desire.

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Building muscle without weights is no easy task, and doing so will require you to expend a lot of energy in calisthenic and proprioceptive routines. By combining these routines with an efficient diet, though, you should find that building muscle isn't impossible. This kind of training will not make you fluffy and buff like a bodybuilder- on the contrary, you will display lean and hard muscles that portray a sense of athleticism rather than bodybuilder-status.

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Building muscle without weights can be a challenging a slow road, so make sure you stay consistent and avoid succumbing to slow-progression negativism. You should allow yourself a good amount of time to get rolling, because once you get in shape you'll find that calisthenics and proprioceptive training keep you there without hassle. Oh, and just to save yourself from always being uncomfortable, grab a yoga mat. The one I've linked below can be carried anywhere, and it will last you a long while.

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I never knew anybody personally who built their muscular frame without ever using weights, but I'm aware of some professionals in the fitness industry that have done so. Some of them boast an insane amount of usable muscle, and if they were ever to begin lifting weights their potential amount of strength would be scary-huge. It seems like it took them upwards of a year to get to a point that made this method worth it, but after that they've all been nothing but amazing anomalies in the world of fitness. You, too, can get to that point, as long as yo follow the advice above.

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I got involved with heavy calisthenics for the first time this summer. I haven't touched a weight for almost 3 months, and I've noticed that my body is as strong and lean as every. My muscular physique has hardened up and is starting to look more natural, which makes me feel comfortable walking around. Building muscle without weights is definitely something worth trying, and by following the advice above with some amount of consistency, you should have no trouble at all eventually reaching an admirable level of displayable fitness. So get to it, and this time...
Happy calisthenics and preprioceptive training (what a mouthful),

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