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So, you've been working out for a almost a year, and you've made some real progress. You've noticed your clothes fitting better, as well as extra glances here and there from some of the women you pass on a daily basis. You're feeling great about your workouts- after all you've added almost 50 lbs to your bench press since you started!

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Still, you notice the big guys. The men that come into the weight room, turning heads and dropping jaws as they perform outrageous feats of strength on a daily basis. Make no mistake, this kind of strength takes years to obtain.

Step 3

Let there be no mistake- you can obtain anabolic. You can train, inform yourself, adjust your diet, and train some more, and your body will begin to make an amazing transformation. It's not as hard as you might think, as long as you do it the right way, with all of the facts and proper advice under your belt.

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A new physique will be impressive you once you've reached the point where you're ready to Create a Profile on Campus Men. If you're going to be turn yourself into a whole new man, getting the status as a Campus Man is the newest and best way to give yourself some "special status" too.

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Without a good plan of action, you can waste a lot of time, effort, and money on things that don't work for anybody. Starting with what works for others is a good first step for any aspiring muscle man. That is why we have listed these recommendations:

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Books Recommends to How to Build Muscle Mass Training For Mass - $19.99 - This book gives you the tools you need to construct your own workout plans with the goal of being effective and efficient. Gordon LaVelle provides a book of fundamentals of how to get big fast - with a scientific basis for its advice. It gives scientific analysis of the most current popular weight training strategies. So, you will be able to analyze all the tactics your friends use and be able to know if they are really working. By efficient, the book means that it instructs readers to use time efficiently - to avoid spending endless hours in the gym. Be prepared to use high intensity training to build muscle mass, because this books feels that short, intensive lifting is the answer to problem of not building mass. With more than 24 reviews from buyers, this is obviously a popular book. Many lifters who have used this book feel it is the best training book they have ever read! Case closed.

Step 7

Although somewhat hard to find, the Gold's Gym Mass Building Training and Nutrition System is a bargain at under $6.00. Don't let the low price discourage you for this book. It is a good choice if you are looking for hard core advice on how to build mass. But this book is not for beginners, so if you have recently started lifting, you may be turned off from this recommendation. The book provided 34 mass-building exercises and sample diet plans - which it feels are effective to building mass. Very good chapter on nutrition. If you emulate the pros, find this book. If you want to take things slower, purchase Training for Mass (above).

Step 8

Recommended DVDs to Learn How to Build Muscle Mass For those non-readers who prefer a DVD to a book, we recommend these DVDs... Iron Man Magazine: Critical Mass Bodybuilding Beginner and Intermediate $34.99 - This DVD offers in-depth explanations to workout plans designed to build mass in a hurry. Specific techniques, such as the "4 to 6 rep" technique, are detailed and explained in knowledgeable fashion, ensuring that you feel comfortable performing these serious workouts from the beginning. There is a lot of very specific mass-building information to be found in this DVD, making it a must have for weightlifters, regardless of experience!

Step 9

Exercise Techniques Beginners to Build Muscle Mass Muscle Failure: This is very, very important technique for anyone looking to add muscle to follow. You must completely wear out your muscles, doing set after ridiculous set, in order to train them hard enough to experience a radical growth. When you work out to muscle failure, you body will rebuild them stronger than before, and as you repeat the process, you will continue to see big changes in your strength and your size!

Step 10

Exercise Intensity: When using heavier weight, it is important to put the proper power behind your repetitions. Press up in an explosive fashion, keeping the weight under control but definitely showing it who's boss! Once your body becomes comfortable with heavier weight and you are able to move it with force, your muscles will grow so quickly, you'll be shocked!

Step 11

Split Training: The most important stage of growth is also the most overlooked: rest. You need to stagger your workouts to where each muscle group gets an appropriate amount of time to rest and to repair itself before you train it again. This is especially important when working out with extremely heavy weight, as an injury can be devastating to current and future progress. Pace yourself and schedule your workouts the right way.

Step 12

Supplements You Must Buy to Build Muscle Mass Gakic Hardcore (128 Capsules) $47.99 - Designed for more experienced weightlifters that know their strength limitations, Gakic Hardcore will help you break through them in no time- literally! Gakic Hardcore is engineered to neutralize fatigue toxins from your muscles that occur naturally when you work out, meaning you can push out more reps with heavier weights right away! MuscleTech spends millions of dollars a year on their world-famous product research, and once you work out with Gakic, you'll see why!

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