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You might want to hop right into lifting weights and doing crunches and sit-ups, thinking that "Hey, I can burn fat and lose muscle!" Think again. Truth is, all the sit-ups in the world won't help you if you have a spare tire in front of those abs. To really melt the fat off the right way, you have to utilize cardio training. Whether it be running, swimming, biking, or intense weightlifting, cardio is necessary to maintain the lean body you desire!

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In just a few intense months, you can be in the best shape of your life, and it can do wonders for your self esteem. Your bodybuilding is the means to an end, and that end goal could be to become a Campus Man. Why? because you gather Fans as a Campus Man and Fans give you the attention you deserve.

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At its fundamental level, cardio training a medical science, and there's a lot of conflict among experts about how best to go about doing it. Below are a few helpful guides to point you in the right direction. They're worth looking into, and the information within is the result of the collaborated efforts of some of the best in the fitness industry.

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Books Recommends for Cardio Training Cardio Fitness Can Save Your Life $14.97- Scientific Analyst Forrest Blanding provides an in-depth, overall view of why cardio fitness isn't just good for your physique, but for your overall health and your body's conditioning. Without drowning the reader in scientific mumbo-jumbo, this book explains the long-term benefits of smart, responsible cardio training.

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Recommended DVD For Cardio Training For those non-readers who prefer a DVD to a book, we recommend this DVD... Jay Cutler: Ripped to Shreds $35.99 - 2-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is one of the most consistent competitors in the sport, having placed second in the prestigious competition a total of four times. In this DVD, you get to go inside the monster's lifestyle as he prepares for one of his annual appearances at the Arnold Classic competition. Get a look inside his training routine, including his unorthodox yet effective cardio habits, as well as his personal life, in this look inside the mind of one of the most recognizable faces in bodybuilding!

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Supplements You Must Buy If You Want Cardio Training These supplements can help you burn more fat without effecting muscle during your cardio training. Consider these recommended fat burners to combine with your training... LIPO 6X-Nutrex Liquid Inner Caps, 120 Inner-Caps $33.45 - Make a good workout plan even better with the unbeatable 1-2 punch of a nutritious diet and an effective fat-burner! LIPO 6 is one of the most effective non-prescription weight loss pills available in the world today, with happy customers losing up to 25 lbs in 8 weeks! The secret lies in the liquid delivery system, with both fast-acting and slow release ingredients that keep your body in fat-burning mode for hours at a time!

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Xenadrine RFA-X - Hardcore Strength 120 caps $36.69 - Keep those extra pounds off for good with Xenadrine RFA-X! Designed more for weight loss than for weight lifting, this formula acts as both a fat burner AND an appetite suppressant- meaning that when the energy spike hits, you won't feel the need to eat more often!

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Treadmill You Can Buy If You Want to Do Cardio Training at Home Some guys are intimidated by the big huge bodybuilders at a gym and prefer to invest in equipment - so they can work out at home. If this is the case for you, we recommend you choose the: Horizon Fitness T91 Treadmill $599.00 - The same continuous-duty 2.0 HP motor that powers treadmills in gyms and health clubs across America powers this treadmill, too. You can choose any one of a number of pre-programmed workouts, whether it be simulated hill climbing or endurance intervals, all managed by an easy-to-read electronic display right in front of you. It folds up neatly for convenient storage, whether that be under a bed, in a closet, or anywhere else you can think of!

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2 Items You Must Buy When Seeking Cardio Training Finally, you'll need some basic supplies for the gym. Buy these Weightlifting Supplies: PUMA Men's Voltaic Running Shoe $65.43 - Nighttime runners will appreciate the fact that reflective material is built into the sides of the shoe to help make you visible to passing motorists. There is extra cushioning beneath the heel, reducing impact and making your run less tiring and more effective at the same time!

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Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor $162.74 - This watch-sized device is an all-in-one personal trainer, using its GPS capabilities to provide accurate data on distance, pace, and location. The Forerunner also includes training center software, allowing users to download workout data from the device to their personal computer for detailed workout analysis! Heart rate monitoring capabilities are included, and it can also be used in such activities as cycling, skiing, and windsurfing! The books or DVDs we recommend (above) will explain what these supplies are for and how to use them.

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Once your cardio training show enough results to impress girls, its time to start getting attention for your hard work by getting qualified to become a Campus Man. You can show off your new physique by uploading a photo that shows some muscle, or make videos to share your newfound knowledge to others. And most importantly, start building a fanbase of girls who admire your musculature. Girls see you on and click to "Become your Fan." Remember, building muscularity is worthless if nobody gets to sees what you have built!

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