How to Use Squat With a Manta Ray

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Step 1

Select a barbell you want to use for squats. Apply the manta ray to the barbell by sliding/snapping one side of the manta ray in first, then slide/snap the other side in so the manta ray is flush and snug to the barbell.

Step 2

After the manta ray is tightly secured to the barbell, the manta ray needs to be in the middle of the barbell. Just slide the manta ray horizontally across the barbell until it appears to be in the middle.

Step 3

Walk up to the barbell and get your body underneath the barbell like you are about to squa. The manta ray should stay centered. Place your shoulders and traps underneath the manta ray, then after the bar feels even and comfortable, stand up and walk away from the rack with the barbell on your back. Perform squats for your desired reps and sets.

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Make sure the manta ray is tight on the bar and is centered.

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I personally have never used a Manta Ray to squat, I prefer to let the bar rest on my traps and rear delts, But I've been working in a gym for three years and help people use piece of equipment on a weekly basis.

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