How to Take Great Photos of Your Body

Step-by-step Instructions

Here is what you need to do...
Step 1

You can shoot indoors or outdoors. Just try to find somewhere to shoot.

Step 2

First, and most importantly when you are shooting: is your lighting. make sure all your lights are on in your dorm or room, doesn't matter where you are at. Just make sure all your lights are on. It would help if you change all your bulbs to 100-watt bulbs.

Step 3

Secondly, when you are shooting your photos, you want to make your camera vertical, so you can get a full body shot.

Step 4

If you want to be successful in modeling, you want your photos done quick. So, after you get done lifting, just whip your camera out and take pictures of yourself.

Step 5

Shooting outdoors is really great because of the ample lighting, but for more privacy, we are going to go inside and shoot some photos.

Step 6

If you are going to run around half-assed naked, you probably want to shoot more privately, so, this is what you do:

Step 7

You turn on all your lights in your house and you want to change all your bulbs to 100-watt bulbs.

Step 8

If you camera has a timer, you do not need anyone else to take your photos. So, just set your camera down, hit your timer and just take your photos.

Step 9

Next, you just need to find a stable enough place for your camera, and enough distance away so you can get a full body shot. We are just going to use this table.

Step 10

Awesome, now you have your light on, your camera positioned and now its time to take your photos.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Having a lot of light and positioning your camera is important.

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