How to Become a TV Actor

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Step 1

Getting out there and getting noticed, just doing little parts to build up, to be able to just do extra work and not saying anything and just being in the background, to saying one line to seven lines, and being a featured star in a TV series or feature film.

Step 2

What I do best is being able just to talk to people and just be able to become their friend really fast. Be able to network, be able to work my way, work some deals to make money. In five years, I see myself very successful businessman, doing some real estate, but concentrating on acting and modeling. I am trying to get into acting and modeling.

Step 3

The reason I am wearing the lime green shirt and the yellow tie, I just came back from shooting CSI-Miami for an extra part as a CSI information tech, which the green and yellow are for Miami colors, which its always hot, you know, sexy - just how Miami is. So, they had me dress up in a lime green shirt and yellow tie.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

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The reason I want to be an actor would be, to be honest with you, is just to be famous and get respected. If anybody tells you they don't want to be famous and they are trying to be an actor, its bullshit. And I just love the art of it. You know, just being able to be on camera and being able to see yourself nationwide and put yourself out there.


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