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The first thing to look at when choosing a weightlifting belt is to decide how thick you want the belt to be. The thicker the belt, the more support you will get higher up your back, although, sometimes if it is too high, it can be uncomfortable and provide little support.

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Look for a belt with the thickness being the length from you waist to your lumbar-where your back starts to curve when pushing out your chest. This curve is where you are going to want the support.

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Typically, the length will be between 4-12 inches. Choose one that is most comfortable and provides solid support. Next thing to make sure you think about, is how big your waist it. Use the size from a pair of your own pants as a starting point and go from there.

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Make sure it's comfortable and provides support, otherwise you won't ever use it and you'll be wasting your money.

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I have been using a weightlifting belt on my heavy compound lifts like deadlift, squat and military press. The belt can be great for obtaining additional back support.

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