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I have been on two extensive cross-country road-trips. One was when five friends and I when we graduated high school, we went from Southern California, cross country to New York.

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We went through like the midwest to kind of the cut and it was great. We were in a friend's van. It was really wild: Age 18 and kind of just going for it. We had a few hundred dollars in our pocket.

Step 3

The van started breaking down in Northern Arizona, and it wasn't until we got to Cleveland Ohio that we got it looked at. And by that time, it was like "You shouldn't have made it."

Step 4

Stayed with a lot of family, which was really great. It was just great being 18, being graduated, kind of the transition period in our life and kind of seeing the country and seeing outside of not just California, but outside of Southern California, because we are so much different from the United States.

Step 5

But, it was great. We met a lot of really cool people. Ran into some not-so-cool people, but that happens. All in all, the van troubles, the weather troubles. Maybe just the uncomfortably of six dudes in a van, It was definitely worth it.

Step 6

It was twelve days, and we wrote a song about it. The son is actually called "Twelve Days" and within the band, the drummer as well as myself - we went on this trip with four other buddies Two of the boys in the band are a year younger than us, so they were still in high school this it was a graduation trip.

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I took a graduation road trip cross country when I graduated.


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