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Step 1

Love the club scene? Want to be the life of the party and one damn popular guy on campus? Then become a club promoter. It might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Step 2

Here are some basic steps to become a club promoter: Surprisingly, the most important first step in becoming a promoter is to gather a "list" of "your" people. Your list is the total of your Email list of email addresses, List of phone numbers, and How many different people you interact with on a daily basis.

Step 3

There is a science that goes into being an amazing club promoter, take all the free help you can get, and use your status as a Campus Man. (its free and effective). These three are fundamental in building your "Fans". First impression is everything!

Step 4

Do Not Become a Club Promoter Until... Before seeking to promote your first club, you should have at least 3000 email addresses of local people and have a good street team associated with you. Becoming a Campus Man is an important step in building your list. It is a national opportunity that gives you free tools that put you a button away from knowing many new students on your campus. It allows you free tools to gather your list extremely quickly and efficiently.

Step 5

Once you become a Campus man, build a large number of Fans in your city. Having a ton of Fans all over the country does not help you as much as local Fans. Obviously the more, the better. To invite people to become your Fan on, you need student's email addresses. You can accumulate emails and phone lists from students you meet face-to-face in class, collect email addresses from other people's forwarded emails, and by passing out business cards to people you meet. When you pass out a business card, they contact you.

Step 6

Girl-to-Guy Ratios Are Important for Club Promoters: Local girls are going to make becoming a club promoter much easier for you. So, get in good with as many girls on campus as you can. For every girl you invite to a club, there can be 3-5 guys who will follow her to the club. You know you can bring in 200 girls, easily. So, there will be 600 people. That's why it is very important to reach out to more women. It's up to you to control the ratios. The more local girls you invite you can trump the number of guys who will to be there.

Step 7

Your Next Step in Becoming a Promoter: Once you have developed a huge number of Fans, use a house party as a trial. Find a popular apartment complex and host a party there. Invite all your Fans on If your party is a success, you know you are ready to become a club promoter. You will need fliers and they will cost you money. Don't go cheap. Printrunner has this coupon: 15% OFF Glossy Postcards- Coupon Code: MAR15POST

Step 8

Tools Needed to Become a Club Promoter: Three musts to have: need an email mailing list (Outlook cannot be used because your emails will get blocked as spam). Sign up for a white listed email provider, for example is an excellent, easy to use service. They cost as little as $10 per month and have relationships with all the Internet Service providers - to arrange for their customers' email message to make it through spam blockers.

Step 9

Business Cards are very important. Take business cards with you everywhere. Most promoters use their business card for two purposes. Their personal and business info appears on one side and a promotional message on the other side. In this way, promoters kill "Two birds with one stone." Print your business cards with , it might be a little pricier than others, but do not shortchange yourself for quality and VIP appearance. Perception is everything.

Step 10

Ready to Become a Club Promoter: After you have all the right tools, the right team, you have hosted an amazing house party, and you have gathered more than 1000 Fans on, you are ready to approach your first club to become their promoter. There are many different ways of approaching a club.

Step 11

Be serious with your demeanor and look like you mean not be arrogant!! You most likely will have a follow-up meeting or you might need to reach them via email. Each scenario is different. Stay on top of it! Remember these people talk to a lot of people everyday. "Work the system" The quantity of Fans you have on is your key selling point. This is called your "Fanbase." Print out your page that shows how many "Fans" you have. Leave this with the club manager.

Step 12

What time to go to the club and who to speak to? A club generally opens later than a bar or restaurant. Regardless of what time they open, go at least one hour before their rush time. Approach the General Manager or Club Owner. They are whom you want to talk to preferably. Try to cut out all the middleman, but if the middleman is your to "get in," then ...use whatever is available to you.

Step 13

Choose a Club: Pick the hottest clubs and ask to host on their off night to prove yourself. Picking off-nights are better to start out because clubs are more willing to work with someone new like you. The more successful you make an off night the more money you make. A promoter generally can get paid any where from 10-25 percent for an off night. You do the math, that's a good amount of money in your pocket. The bigger your Fan base the easier it is going to be to achieve this amount. Is there a club/bar/restaurant nearby that is not doing well? If yes, ask to promote a weekend night. It is a lot easier get people to the club on the weekend. Theoretically the weekends are busy anyways.

Step 14

Negotiating With the Club Manager: When negotiating, use the number of people you can bring in as a selling point. Let's say you have 3000 people on your Fan base. You can expect for 25 percent to show up to your club. That is 750 people. No business will say no to you if you have that draw.

Step 15

Again!! This is why it is important to build up the number of people who become your Fans on before approaching a club. The bigger your Fan base is, the better draw you can expect. The more Fans you have on, the better chances you have of packing a club. Any club promoter throwing a party will tell others that 90 percent of their friends will come to the club, but this does not happen. If you can expect 25 percent of your Fans to show up, and your have 3000 Fans, you can expect 750 to show up.

Step 16

Receiving Cover Charges as a Club Promoter: If the club charges a cover charge, work an arrangement to receive a portion of the money collected at the door.

Step 17

In many cases, the club will offer you 100 percent of the cover charges collected before a certain time. You will not receive any revenue for anyone arriving after a certain time. If you agree to this, keep in mind that girls arrive notoriously late. Beware of agreeing to a cut off time that is too early. Nobody wants to come to the club at 9:30 pm. Most people think about leaving their house at 11-ish. But keep in mind, not charging a cover charge draws in more people to the club. People will spend their money at the bar.

Step 18

Receiving Share of Drink Sales as a Club Promoter If the club does not charge a cover, work out a percentage of the revenue collected from drink sales. Your smartest goal is to receive a cut from both of these. If the club is willing to pay per head, that is a really good way to go.

Step 19

When first starting out as a promoter, it is customary to accept a less-than-optimum payment arrangement. Then after you prove that you can get a large number of people to the club, you can renegotiate for a better payment arrangement.

Step 20

Promotion Tools to Get Girls to Come to Your Club: As a promoter there are a great number of tools that can help you succeed. Having an incentive for your Fans is a smart thing to do. Using to create Fan Challenges is always a good draw and publicity. For example, as a promoter one of your duties is selling as many bottles/tables as you can. The Fan that helps you sell the most in a given night/week will receive their own VIP table. The Fan who passes out the most fliers will receive a gift certificate (clothing store, restaurant, etc... Use Fan Challenges to help you guide your Fan base.

Step 21

The more you can give back to your Fans, the better response you will receive. People love receiving free things and feeling important. You can use; fliers, t-shirts, matchbooks, pens, as trinkets to give out. Bottled water with your own label on it, these are just a few cheap ways to promote your page.

Step 22

The second best tool is your street team fliers. It is important to have a good street team to distribute your street team. The faster you get them out and more ground you cover the better hype you can create. will be a great advertisement for them to go back to and relate the promotion to. Street Teams will bring you success with promoting and an easier transition.

Step 23

Sending Email Messages Your marketing is what makes your page the talk of the campus. Make sure you control your mailing lists, do not abuse it, and do not over-do it. You do not want to be an annoyance. Strategically send out your invites and text messages. The more you use with to interact with local students, the better off you are going to be. This cuts out a great deal of time for you.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

As a college student you want to use all the free promotion tools as you can. Be on top of what's new and hot. Make your page on the "trendy" page. Your page should be the one with most Fans!!

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