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Step 1

Becoming a bartender on campus is an awesome job!! When you become a bartender, everyone knows you and you get taken care of everywhere you go.

Step 2

If you want to become a bartender, surprisingly becoming a Campus Man first can help you become the bartender you want to be. Why? Because bar owners primarily want to sell drinks and liquor. This means they want people to come into the bar. Primarily, they want girls to come to the bar. If the girls come, guys will follow. Becoming a Campus Man gets you on the road toward building up a huge list of girls who are your followers.

Step 3

Bartending School: You do not need to attend a bartending school if you are able to memorize less than a dozen of the most popular drinks that people generally order.

Step 4

It doesn't matter if you are the most skilled bartender in the world or can pour precision drinks. What matters to the bar owner is this you can bring your friends and people you know into the bar while you're bartending. This is called your regulars. Creating a Profile on Campus Men allows you to do develop a group of regulars. They call these your "Fans." These regulars will be people who come into the bar because you are bartending that night.

Step 5

Most guys who wish to become a bartender are concerned with knowing how to pour complicated cocktails. They think, I need to sign up for a bartending school. However, in a campus bar and most dive bars, people generally order the same few drinks.

Step 6

There may be hundreds of cocktail recipes in the recipe book, but people in campus bars generally order bottled beer and a few drinks that are very easy to make: rum and coke, vodka and cranberry, vodka and orange juice, Margarita, beer, etc. Girls are the ones who order the fancy drinks (because they like fancy) sex on the beach, blow job, etc.

Step 7

Becoming a Bartender at an Upscale Bar: The exception is a martini bar or a bar where upscale patrons are known to order upscale drinks. They spend a lot of money and are looking for the perfect martini or perfect Manhattan. College students and most guys who frequent sports bars just order beer. Students want cheap drinks to get drunk and don't care if you get an ingredient wrong. When first starting out, don't try to bartend at an upscale bar.

Step 8

Stick with the campus bar that goes through 8 kegs of Bud Light per night. So, you don't need to know how to make every drink of the world. You just need to buy a drink recipe book, use index cards to make flashcards for the eight most popular cocktails, such as a margarita and memorize those few drinks that people order at your bar.

Step 9

Bartender Training: The manager of your bar will train you into their special way of how their bar pours cocktails, if you are hired. Each bar pours a different amount of alcohol for each cocktail. Have you ever received a weak drink in one bar and a strong drink in another? This is because the amount of liquor each bars includes in each drink differs. So, your first goal is to simply get. There is not much to pulling a bottle of Bud Light out of a cooler, uncapping it and handing it to a college student. In a campus bar, you simply need to do it fast, because of the huge line that probably includes the girls you encouraged to come to your bar as a Campus Man.

Step 10

So, before you attempt to apply to become a bartender at a bar, here are the things you should do:

Step 11

1) Get Qualified as a Campus Man. Since you are required to get votes to be accepted, it starts you on the road to building Then up a fan base of students you know. For this group of people to help you, they should be local. Having 500 girls in different cities around the country does not help you - because girls 100 miles away will not be able to come to your bar.

Step 12

2) Buy a drink recipe book. We like the Bartender's Black Book, however many people use the classic, Mr. Boston: Official Bartender's and Party Guide. Keep in mind it contains many old school drinks. You are bartending for college kids, not Frank Sinatra or the 1960's club set. Get to know the eight most popular drinks that students order. Memorize the ingredients for these eight drinks. You don't need to go to a school to learn how to memorize ingredients.

Step 13

3) Order bartending tools. Here's what you need: a Jigger set, a Cocktail Shaker, a Strainer, a high quality bottle opener, spouts for liquor bottles, napkins, stirrers and 16 cocktail glasses. Don't buy cheap "novelty" bartending kits. These items take a beating during a night - lots of clanging and banging. Cheap bottle openers break. Buy heavy-duty items, not fun stuff sold at Target.

Step 14

4) Next, you should volunteer to bartend at a party - any party. You do this on a casual basis. You do not work the party for pay. Your goal is to get experience what it is like to pour drinks for people. You can bartend for a friend's party, or hold a party of your own. It is important for you to pour the drinks, not partygoers. This means you need to set up an area in the party where all the liquor and supplies are kept. This can be as simple as behind the kitchen counter. This is a good first step, because the types of drinks you can pour are limited by the liquor available at the party. If the partygoer orders a drink that you do not know how to make, you simply ask the partygoer what the cocktail contains. By bartending at a party or two, you will begin to develop a reputation as a bartender. You are the guy who made the great drink at that party last week!

Step 15

5) After you have successfully bartended at a party or two, you can choose to bartend at catering functions. Caterers are easier to get a job at because they do not need bartenders every day. They simply call you when they need a bartender. Also, they limit the types of drinks that they serve at events. So, when you are bartending at a catering function you don't need to know how to pour hundreds of different drinks.

Step 16

6) If you want to skip the catering step and try to get hired as a bartender at your favorite campus bar you can do so, if you can explain to the bar manager how many people (especially girls) you can bring into their bar. The manager will be far more interested in your ability to get your Fans on into their bar than your superior bartending skills.

Step 17

Bartending Skills: By far the most important skill you need as a bartender is social skills and the ability to get new people into the bar. People want to come back to bartenders who are nice to them. The second most important skill to have as a bartender is knowing your count. Account is the amount of liquor that comes out of a spout on a liquor bottle during one second of time. When you are hired by a bar they will tell you, "we do a five second count four cocktails." This means you let liquor come out of the bottle for five seconds.

Step 18

Similarly, there are accounts for different ingredients in cocktails are composed of multiple ingredients, such as such as a margarita or sex on the beach. You might do a one second count for sour mix, and a four second pour for tequila. You learn all this by memorizing the flashcards you made after you bought a drink recipe book.

Step 19

Secret of Bartending: Another secret bartenders need to know is that there are different names for the same drink. A "Greyhound" is simply a vodka and grapefruit. A "Cuba Libre" is simply a rum and coke. Most college students will not order drinks by using these fancy names. However, when you are bartending some wacky people will use these names. It doesn't matter what the drink is called, people still order the same basic drinks: rum and coke, vodka and cranberry, vodka and orange juice, Margarita, beer, etc.

Step 20

Model bartenders: The supreme desire to get people into the bar is the reason why people higher model bartenders. They do not care about the skills of model bartenders. They simply want somebody who looks good because he will bring girls into the bar. In some cases, there might be a highly skilled and highly experienced bartender on staff who makes all the difficult drinks. The model bartender is simply there to get asses into the door. So, do not underestimate your value in being able to get hired by a bar if you can bring your Fans from into the bar. If you are a bar owner, who would you hire? Someone who can pour a precision, perfectly tasting cocktail? Or a student who can bring a ton of girls into the bar each Friday night?

Step 21

All that matters is if the bartender draws a crowd who drinks! Getting Qualified as a Campus Man offers tons of recognition for a bartender. It's a way to develop a following, which can result in more money for the bartender because more people come into his bar.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Bartenders can also use Campus Men's Fan Challenges to get girls and buddies to support him, attend bar promotions or just generally help him become the most popular bartender on campus. A bartender who plays his cards right can use being a Campus Man to blow up his campus status into something bigger. You bartend on Tuesday night (decent crowd), you start bringing in fifty new faces every week. You will have the hottest Tuesday night on campus.

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