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Determine what style you would like: Fitted: a set measurement--not flexible or able to be stretched or adjusted. This is the professional form of a hat. It is more expensive and usually takes more effort due to the need to measure and get everyone on the team's head size. Also, different brands and materials fit slightly different, so it takes extra time to get the ideal fitting hat. Ultimately, it is one of the more comfortable and feels personalized and gives a sleek, professional look.

Step 2

Snapback: These hats are usually the cheapest since you just have to order the hats and they are adjustable on the back. They do the job as a functional hat, but do not offer the professional look and are often not made with higher end materials.

Step 3

Flexfit: These hats give the fitted look and are less stressful to order since there are generally four sizes like a t-shirt (s, m , L, xl). You do not need to necessarily measure everyone's head. The hats use an elastic liner to provide a secure fit with ideal look. At times and depending on the brand and material, the elastic and cause a strange look due to its tight fitting form to your head. It will look squeezed and give more of an oval shape rather than the nice square, fitted look.

Step 4

Materials: Wool: Very durable, best looking expensive, shrinks easy, usually only fitted, can be hot Polyester: Current MLB material, does not shrink, wicks moisture, can be expensive, cooler than wool, but also warm packing material. Cotton: Cheap, usually always snapback or flexfit, very breathable, durable, but not like other two. Mesh: Durable, inexpensive, breathable, stylish--the best for summer teams and rec leagues for style and comfort.

Step 5

Once you have an idea of your budget, number of players and effort you would like to put into your uniform hat, you can begin searching for a good company to make your hat. Richardson does a great job and makes many college baseball hats for a good price and quality. You have to send them your order design for a quote as they very depending on all specifications listed.

Step 6

Hats can also come in a variety of shapes and crowns. High profile vs. low profile means whether or not you want your hat to sit high on your head or have a large front, logo area. Hats can also be more worn in or completely new and take some time to break in to fit well depending on the material.

Step 7

I suggest: High school/College: Fitted New Era hats or Richardson--wool or polyester--look sharp Rec Leagues: Mesh fitted or flextfit Youth: Flexfit or Snapback Softball: Snapback

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Although a uniform is not usually the determining factor in the success of a team, it definitely helps to be comfortable and to be able to perform at the best of your ability. In baseball, a comfortable, stylish and functional hat are essential to performing at the highest level. A baseball hat is the signature piece in a baseball uniform and is even worn as a fashion statement to support a team. Below, I will list some ways to purchase the best hats for your own team depending on the style and money you want to spend.

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