How To Learn Fundamental Basketball Skills

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Basketball fundamentals should be broken down into three parts; ball handling, shooting, and sport strategy (defense, offense, plays). First off, attend a basketball camp through your community schools or recreation center. Here, experienced people will teach you drills.

Step 2

Practice, practice, practice. To increase skill level you will need to handle a ball at least 2-3 times a week. Set aside the first half of your time to do ball handling skills such as dribbling. The second half of your time is for shooting practice. Focus on; right hand only, left hand only, cross overs, also high dribbles into low dribbles. Once you master these move on to between the legs, behind the back, and other control skills. Dribbling with two balls or one basketball and one Tennis ball can help improve hand-eye coordination and will help with reaction time.

Step 3

Along with dribbling focus on foot work. Your feet need to be fast and speed drills will help keep your feet in sync with your hand-eye coordination from dribbling.

Step 4

Work on your shot. Your feet should be shoulder width apart with your dominant side (the hand you will shoot with) foot slightly ahead of the other. When perfecting your shot, practice and repeat the motion of shooting the ball up and holding your follow through. Repeating this will help with muscle memory and help to improve your accuracy.

Step 5

Learn the game. By watching numerous teams play you can get an insight into the strategy of the game. Just like ball handling and skills are just as important as shooting, you will find that defense is just as pivotal to basketball as offense. Skills on both ends of the floor will need to demonstrate in order to show proficiency.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Attending camps or sitting in on sports practices, are both great ways to learn new drills that you can do on your own to improve skill level. However, as I said before practice time on the floor is not enough; many players will make it part of their day working in as much ball handling and hand-eye coordinating activities as they can.

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As a kid playing basketball in a small town, every year someone's Mom or Dad was the coach. While they're qualifications and skills were questionable, I was left to attend camps and watch the professionals in order to become a well-rounded player.

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I have played basketball since the 3rd grade. As I got older, it wasn't my height or athletic ability that set me apart; it was my work ethic. Practicing one's skills in basketball is everything and it can make or break an athlete.

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