How To Get Started In Boxing

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First step is to research what local gyms are around your area. Choose one based on cost effectiveness and reputation. Some gyms are specifically competitive and some are just for fitness.

Step 2

Second, once you've picked one. Go to a couple classes before diving head first into a membership. Some people find out they don't actually like the sport at all because of the aggressive nature of it.

Step 3

After a few classes and now a membership, buy specific gear for training. This includes gloves, hand wraps, mouth piece, and head gear.

Step 4

Once you're in the classes, listen to your instructors and coaches. They've been doing this way longer than you have. They are there to make sure you are training in the safest way possible. Be open to suggestions. They can make you a greater fighter.

Step 5

Last but not least, ALWAYS have fun doing it.

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Boxing is a tough routine to get into. People dont realize the cardio level it requires. At first you won't be at the same level as others. Take it slow and build yourself up to the point where you are happy with yourself. Just know everyone started in the same spot. Also nobody likes getting hit, but you must realize that it happens in this sport.

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I got started using a groupon my mom found over spring break my freshman year and fell in love after that one week.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

Spring break 2010. My mom found a groupon training session for a week free at Drake's boxing gym in Dayton, OH.

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