How To Buy Medicine Balls for Baseball Training

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First,to find the proper ball, figure out what kinds of things you want to use it for.

Step 2

For simple core movements: If you are using the ball during Russian Twists, V-ups, partner chest-passes, wall-balls, sit-ups etc... or anything that does not require a ton of direct impact on the ball, then a soft, cloth material ball is ideal. Is is durable, soft to the grip and will not hurt as much if you accidentally miss a chest pass.

Step 3

For explosive or aggressive movements and throws: You will want a rubber ball with some bounce. If you plan on doing workouts against a wall or some form of exercise that requires repetitive feedback from a surface(such as wall throws, arm touches, squat launches), you will need a ball that is extremely durable made form thick rubber and easily gripped that allows decent bounce feedback.

Step 4

For explosive close range repetitions: For things like ball slams or heavy, strongman technique carries, you will need a slam ball. This kind of med ball is all durable rubber, but fully absorbs all impact and offers no bounce. Therefore, you can throw the ball multiple times on the ground and it will not bounce and hit you in the face on the return. Also, when working on pure power strength, you will not have to worry about dropping this ball lightly since it will not split or cause much stress on the floor.

Step 5

Although you can sometimes get creative and make these balls from old basketballs and sand, it is easier and ideal to purchase one of each. They last a long time and are worth having for their versatility and "anywhere" workout capability.

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As I mentioned in a previous post, medicine balls are the ultimate core building piece of equipment. Although very simple, just using med-balls in different forms will help establish an increase in overall strength necessary to become an elite baseball player.

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