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Step 1

Getting ripped is a condition every guy wants. Guys who get totally ripped receive benefits and more opportunities than other guys because of their hard work.

Step 2

Opportunities Once You Get Ripped: Ever see before and after pictures of those people who got ripped in Hydroxycut ads? Yes, MuscleTech-Hydroxycut Hardcore 120 Liquid Capsules, work as an aid to get ripped, but Muscle-Tech really emphasizes "followed by a regular diet and exercise program." But it is the before and after pictures from individuals that offer an opportunity to guys like you.

Step 3

Guys who Create a Profile on Campus Men can easily show themselves before and after they get ripped. Let's face it; aside from feeling healthy and living longer, us guys want to get ripped to show off our bodies to women! Getting ripped is pointless if you can't show it off to the opposite sex! And other guys who are not ripped would love hearing your advice. You can get recognized for your expertise real fast! It is good to be looked up to. So, why qualify to be a Campus Man? Showing off your body transformation through video is a great way to get noticed. Now with technology at your fingertips, making a before video and an after video is the new wave to show a before and after transformation!

Step 4

Videos capture all angles of definition and are lengthy, unlike a still photo. Rather than capture that one good angle you might have, it is advantageous to see where your body needs improvements. Instead of getting away with that - You want to see what everybody else can see! Then you will have more motivation to get ripped after seeing some of your weak body areas in a before and after video.

Step 5

Choosing the right approach is very important in making a good video that impresses women. Please, be creative when showing off how ripped you are. Nobody really wants to see you just sit there, talk, and flex a few muscles - lame!

Step 6

Make a video at the pool, playing a sport (football if your team is skins), and if you truly have what it takes, go to an empty gym and have someone you trust tape you going through your workout like pro fitness models do - with only shorts and shoes on. Don't be a pussy. Show off your ripped abs - girls want to see em - they do not care about seeing a shirt.

Step 7

A side note here that may help - you have lots of muscle groups, try recording one video per muscle group. Do a video on working your abs, then maybe one for pull-ups. Be creative!

Step 8

Get Ripped Fast: If you already have a fairly athletic build, know how to work out, and have motivation/discipline, you can get ripped fairly fast. getting totally ripped means low body fat! To show abs, you need to get your bodyfat down to at least 8 percent. If you do it right, it can take 3 months of busting your ass. Do not overdo it and take shortcuts. Don't do any type of crashing because it hurts your body more than you think. This is often seen in the wrestling arena, it's not worth it and crashing is only effective for maybe a week or two. You will actually lose muscle doing crashes.

Step 9

Get ripped abs: Skip crunches and all that medicine ball bullshit. Watch the movie 300. These guys had an isolated routine, one-handed workouts in other words. After you watch the movie, achieve what these got by ordering the 300 Spartan Workout DVD through Amazon. This emphasizes the core (your abs), so you are training muscles and abs, and never do a crunch again! Girls want to see your abs, and what you did to get them, so upload a video to your page.

Step 10

Four Things You Must Buy to Get Ripped: First, you need a good pump and energy. naNO VAPOR-MuscleTech Vaso-Anabolic Psychoactive Experience. This stuff is magic! It pushes your muscles out with Nitrogen, showing off veins and roc solid lean muscle mass. It also gives you that extra push when lifting, and you will need this because getting ripped is a 3-month boot camp. You will feel tired a lot from the lack of carbs!

Step 11

When cutting it is easy to lose mass! So, you need to consume extra whey protein to keep on that lean mass. There is a simple rule of thumb, what you pay for is what you get. So, do not by cheap protein. Try EAS 100 percent Whey Protein .

Step 12

Either order the Men's Health Cover Model Workout or the Steve Maxwell's 300 Spartan Workout DVD through Amazon. It depends on whether you wish to carry a book with you - or rely on a DVD. Either will do.

Step 13

Add this to your workout routine at the end - Aero Speed Hyperformance Jump Rope. Jump roping is the all time number one cutting exercise to get ripped! Stick with it and it will change your life. If you got what it takes to jump rope, prove it by uploading a video onto your page - so your friends can see!

Step 14

You need sleep to get ripped: Your diet, exercise and sleep schedule is the key formula to getting ripped. Your body recovers when you sleep, so get at least 8-10 hours of sleep a night.

Step 15

Diet to get ripped: If you follow the right diet to get ripped you will get leaned out real fast!

Step 16

Get ripped workout: Instead of listing everything in the book here on this page, just order the The Men's Health Cover Model Workout. It is A perfect example and great investment. As a summary, building muscle burns fat, because your body burns more calories to maintain muscle mass. Plus, muscle pushes out your skin so you looked ripped when you are leaned out.

Step 17

A core isometric routine will be a lot different than your normal routine. Sorry to you fellas who go into the gym and do "curls for girl" and leave. All fitness models do not even train biceps individually, they workout an entire group of muscles effectively. They do pull-ups, work biceps, lats and back.

Step 18

If you cannot do 4 sets of 10 pull-ups, you are in trouble! If you can, and can demonstrate through a video, with weights attached, let girls see! Exercise 5 days a week. Exercise each muscle group one time per week, even abs! Overtraining will do no good; all fitness models work each group once per week. If you can show a good isolated workout, one per muscle group and are ripped, girls would like to see your video.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Let's face it; aside from being healthy, living longer, men want to get ripped to show off our bodies! If you have enough muscle built to turn on girls and want to show off your new physique in a video, then Create a Profile on Campus Men. Capture those correct angles of your arms, abs and back. Being ripped is virtually pointless if you cannot show it off to the ladies!

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