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Knowledge/Leadership. A center is the one who makes all of the blocking scheme calls on the field every play. A center must have a good understanding of every position on the field, both offense, and defense, so he can make the right call and help make that play as successful as possible. Without the right calls, chances are very slim of success. The center is also the base of any offense, he must be able to communicate to his team what is needed to be done, and have the credibility of his team so they believe in the call he makes.

Step 2

The snap. Like I said above, the snap is a short 5 yard pass, just between your legs, to the quarterback. The goal is to make it as quick, and accurate at possible every time. The quarterback and center must have a very unique relationship, they must be on the same page every single play, so that crucial exchange can occur flawlessly to just start the play.

Step 3

Blocking. There are many different ways of going about blocking, depending on the type of offense your team runs. But we can break it down into two categories. Run blocking, having the ability to be stronger, and stay lower than the other player so you can push him back, and give your running back room in order to make a play. Pass blocking is a little different. Your sole goal is to not let anyone get around you to the quarterback. Your goal is to give him as much time as possible in order to make a throw down field.

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Don't ever over look the snap. The snap is the most important part about your position, if you look past that, and focus on only the player across from you, mistakes will happen. Practice, practice, practice. Like I said in step two, the quarterback and center must have a special relationship. Just the snaps you take in a regular practice is not enough, always find extra time, before or after practice to make sure your snaps to him are right on the money, so when game time comes, it is second nature.

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Every offensive lineman’s dream is to get a chance to touch the football, playing center, you are the only player on the field who gets to touch it every play!

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For the most part, a majority of good centers, can also throw the ball well. Basically you are making a short 5 yard pass back to the quarterback in a shotgun formation. I have always been one of the bigger guys, and have always had a pretty good arm, so in 6th grade, my coach told me to give it a shot, 7 years later, I'm going to keep doing it in college.

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