Quinn McDowell
at Campus Men

Quinn McDowell's Involvement in Athletics

Interview Questions

When did you first get started in Athletics?

I have played basketball since a young age and I have dedicated myself becoming the best basketball player and athlete that I could be with the talent and abilities that I was gifted with.

Something surprising about Athletics that people would not know.

Many people want to become great athletes or want the bodies that athletes have, but very few people are willing to make the sacrifices to make those dreams a reality.

What is Athletics like?

Athletics is a reflection of how real life is. Everyday you either get better or your get worse. The competition for success constantly reminds us that in order to reach our goals we must be willing to do the things necessary every day that will shape us into the athlete we want to be.

Tell your Fans a funny or interesting story about Athletics

Athletics can bring out the best and the worst in people. I have been involved in athletic contests in which responsible, grown men have gotten into physical altercations with one another (my father included!). I have also been around long enough to have seen solidarity formed among people from unique and diverse backgrounds who otherwise would never have interacted with one another.