Jeremy Brooks
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Jeremy Brooks's Involvement in Personal Training

Interview Questions

When did you first get started in Personal Training?

I technically started training my friends when I was still in high school- although at that point in time I did it for free and wasn't a licensed professional. After a few years of building up notoriety among the people I knew around school, I decided it would be time to get certified. I then got certified through ACE fitness, where I began to train people who were obese, skinny, fit, young, old, women, men, athletes, couch-potatoes, and so on.

Something surprising about Personal Training that people would not know.

People would never expect this, but most of personal training revolves around building and sustaining a personal RELATIONSHIP with your client. And no, I don't mean dating or even friendship. I mean being able to understand how that client operates best, and in what ways they will find the most success from the training that you set up for them. Making plans- that's the easy part. Finding out what's right for every individual client- that's what takes work. In the end, though, there's nothing more rewarding than making a certain plan jive with a certain person. Connecting the dots. Finishing the puzzle.

What is Personal Training like?

Personal Training is amazing. You feel like a superhero because you're able to help people change their own lives. You wake up feeling energized every day, and during training sessions you never find yourself looking at a clock (unless it's to time them on intervals). It's one of the sunniest ways to spend your days, and it's healthy to boot! Can't go wrong. Furthermore, every day turns out to be a new adventure when you're doing personal training. You never know what kinds of things your clients will tell you, or what kinds of heights they might reach. It's a life full of adventure and fun.

Tell your Fans a funny or interesting story about Personal Training

One time I was training an overweight individual who claimed they were a very quick runner in their high school days. We had not done any running yet, so I listened and asked if they'd like to run a bit, and that I would run along side them so they could have some direct motivation. They responded by telling me that I "would get dusted in a heartbeat" if I were to try and run alongside them. I laughed and we had ourselves a one lap race around the track at my local gym. To my surprise, I was running as fast as I could and barely lost to the individual. And I always thought I was a pretty fast sprinter!