John Jaicks
at Campus Men

John Jaicks's Involvement in Athletics

Interview Questions

When did you first get started in Athletics?

I have played sports ever since I was a young child. I have played almost every sport. I love to run, I also know how to throw javelin. Most people do not believe me, but I am a pretty avid golfer. Anything that there is competition, I am always in.

Something surprising about Athletics that people would not know.

I would say that playing sports is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape. Another known fact is that playing sports has been known to improve brain function. This is unless your sport is something that includes many hard hits to the head.

What is Athletics like?

Athletics is one of the most amazing things out there. It is a way to get the mind off of things. It is also a great way to meet friends. I have made live long friends from playing sports.

Tell your Fans a funny or interesting story about Athletics

In sixth grade I decided to play football. I was a smaller kid at the time, because I was young for my grade. I would go to all the practices and try to be the best. I loved to tackle. The first football game of the season I was on the roster as a linebacker at 71 lbs. I finally got put in a a play in the third quarter. The ball hiked, the quarterback handed the ball to the halfback, and he started coming right towards me. I barely remember the moment from all the adrenaline. I tackled the kid he went to land, and he put has arm out. He broke his arm. I went over to the coach and told him I was sorry. He said it was not my fault, but I never played on a football team again.