Alexander Hunt
at Campus Men

Alexander Hunt's Involvement in Personal Training

Interview Questions

When did you first get started in Personal Training?

about a year ago- i had been working at my community gym for about two years and i had been working with several patrons at the time

Something surprising about Personal Training that people would not know.

Its more than just lifting weights and getting in shape, its a life transformation and a drastic lifestyle change, my goal is to make a significant difference with everyone I come in contact with

What is Personal Training like?

Truly a one of a kind experience, helping other achieve their goals and progress as a person is amazing to see take place

Tell your Fans a funny or interesting story about Personal Training

its amazing how much I can learn about myself and how much I can gain as a person while training others, the relationships you build with others are so beyond the surface of weights and food, making true friends and sharing the personal experience is truly rewarding on so many levels