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Step one in buying the right hockey hip/thigh pads for you is based on size. Measured by the waist, much as pants or shorts are, hockey thigh pads generally follow an easy Small, Medium, Large size scale, both in youth size and adult.

Step 2

Step two in buying the right hockey hip/thigh pads for you is to determine how much padding you are interested in adding. Various models offer more padding than others, so it is best to decide on which specific areas you wish to have protected( ie. Upper hip, versus inner thigh).

Step 3

Step three in buying the right hockey hip/thigh pads is fit and comfort level. While it is recommended to try on a few different models before you make your purchase, you should take into consideration how flexible the thigh pads are as well as how the rest of your equipment will fit above or beneath the thigh pads.

Step 4

Step four in buying the right hockey hip/thigh pads for you is to make sure they are compatible with the other pieces of your equipment. Most importantly, your hockey thigh pads should not make your hockey garterbelt/jockstrap or hockey pants feel tighter. They should feel comfortable when wearing your full equipment, while an added feeling of snugness around the waist and hip areas is to be accepted.

Step 5

Step five in buying the right hockey hip/thigh pads for you is based on your position. More commonly, goaltenders prefer wearing hockey thigh pads, yet they are not limited strictly to goalies as forwards and defenseman wear them as well. The difference between a goalies choice and that of a player though will likely depend upon the preferred or desired area of protection.

Step 6

Step six in buying the right hockey hip/thigh guards is pricing. As usual, online prices often offer better bargains, yet it is never recommended to purchase a piece of hockey equipment that requires a personalized fit. In the case of hockey thigh pads, it is recommended you try on various models to get a feel for them and to then determine your exact size specifications.

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Hockey hip/thigh pads are not a necessary piece of hockey equipment as they are designed to compliment both the hockey garter belt/jockstrap and hockey pants. As such, you must always be reminded that hockey thigh pads alone are not enough protection when playing hockey and must be used at all times with both other adjoined pieces of equipment.

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Not to be misconstrued as hockey pants, hockey hip pads, or thigh pads, are separate pieces of equipment that allow the wearer to enjoy added protection beneath their hockey pants. Much in the way that a hockey goalie knee pad offers added support and protection to a goaltender, hockey hip pads do the same for both players and goaltenders.

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When I reached high school and made the Varsity squad, I was presented with a few pieces of team equipment. One of those pieces was a set of hip/thigh pads. These pads, at the time worn underneath a "shell" (a synthetic nylon cover that sported my team colors), were otherwise known as what we now call "hockey pants." Although they no longer serve the same purpose, they have evolved, developing into thin, light "shorts" that slide on above the hockey garter belt and beneath your hockey pants. The benefit of hockey hip pads is that they often protect areas left vulnerable due to breaks in equipment, such as where hockey pants break at the top of the thigh. Hockey hip pads are also of tremendous benefit for goaltenders as, like with hockey goalie knee pads, the hockey hip pads offer extra support and protection, in turn providing the goalie with added confidence in his abilities.

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