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One of the best offensive drills I know is called the "offensive transition drill". This drill is designed to help the offense quickly identify the advantage they have over the defense and execute a quick scoring play before the defense can get set.

Step 2

Start by placing all 5 offensive players underneath the hoop with a coach. Have all five defensive players stand out of bounds at the half court line and number each player 1-5. The coach that has the basketball should shoot and intentionally miss so that someone on the offensive team grabs the rebound. As that happens, a separate coach should call out any series of numbers that will signal the defensive players to run to the middle of the court and touch the jump circle and run back on defense.

Step 3

For example, the defensive coach may call out "1,4,5" which tells those players that they are on defense. After the offensive team rebounds the ball they will push the ball down the court and quickly identify the number of defenders and try to score as quickly as possible.

Step 4

After the offensive team has had about 5 seconds to use their advantage, the remaining defensive players should be inserted in the play so that the game is now 5 vs 5.

Step 5

This forces the offensive team to score quickly while they have a numbers advantage on the defense.

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