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Split workout routines have been around since the beginning of bodybuilding. There are an incredible amount of variations to them, and these variations all depend on the days you have available and the time you're willing to put in. I can't list every variation for you, but below I'm going to give you the split training routine that I first started with when I took my first steps in the gym. This routine is fun, easy, and will give your muscles a lot of growth. Let's take a look.

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Monday: Chest, triceps On Monday you'll head into the weight room and sit down at a bench for your chest right away. Get three or four good chest exercises in, doing about 3 sets for each exercise, and then move onto your triceps. For your triceps, do two good exercises and call it a day. The reason chest is first is that it's a muscle that puts a lot of strain on your body. Getting it out of the way in the beginning of the week is a great way to get started. Triceps get worked with chest, so adding them into the mix on the same day is a quick and natural way to get your arms bigger.

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Tuesday: Back, biceps On Tuesday you should go in and immediately walk over to the pullup bar. Pullups are the best back exercise you can possibly do. After that, pick out two or three other back exercises and go at them full bore, doing 3 sets for each one. When you're finished, do one bicep exercise for a lot of reps. The reason back is on Tuesday is that it compliments having done chest on Monday. And similar to the chest/tricep pairing, your biceps will get work from doing your back. Adding the one high-rep exercise for biceps at the end of the routine is a great and quick way to pump up those arms.

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Wednesday: legs Wednesday is the day that you'll work your quads, calves, and hams. Go in and do a couple of sets for each muscle in your legs. Wednesday is the perfect day for legs because it gives your upper body a chance to rest after having been demolished on Monday and Tuesday. Get in, get out, and have fun walking up stairs on Thursday (haha).

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Thursday: Shoulders, traps After doing legs on Wednesday, your upper body is ready for more work. Head in on Tuesday and do four different shoulder exercises, 3 sets of each one. Afterwards, load up the shrug bar and do eight sets of shrugs. Thursday fits in as the best day for shoulders because they'll just be getting over the work that was done to them on Monday and Tuesday. This ensures that they're healed and ready to go, and that you can be on your way to a pair of boulder shoulders.

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Friday: Biceps/Triceps On Friday you'll be supersetting your biceps and your triceps. Do 4 exercises for each body part, but pair them together into supersets. It doesn't matter if you do the biceps sets or the triceps sets first, just as long as they're paired together. The reason biceps and triceps have their own day, even after being worked on Monday and Tuesday, is that they are small muscles and they heal fast. They will be ready for this kind of work on Friday, and your arms will thank you for it. Besides, having big arms is always the number one goal of any physique. So, get in, have fun, and get out to enjoy your weekend, because Saturdays and Sundays are devoted to resting.

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The hardest part about a split training routine is consistency. The workouts are simple and effective, and you won't find yourself spending hours and hours in the gym. But in order for your body to grow, you have to stay consistent. Do your best to make it in every day and follow the plan I've outlined above. After some time, feel free to switch up the split and meet your own growing needs. Just STAY CONSISTENT

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I know a lot of people who like to do full-body routines only a few days a week. For my clients who are partial to this kind of training, I always offer up split training as a fun alternative. The ones who try it always become fond of it and never look back. Split training gives people a chance to really focus on muscles individually, which cuts down time in the gym and raises the ability to gain muscle and size. Trust me, no person has ever come to me and said they were disappointed with a split workout routine. After all, it's the most popular method of weightlifting for a reason, right? Right.

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I've done split training routines since day 1. I always enjoyed them more than any other method of training because they allow me to focus on my individual needs and goals. Split routines can be fun to play with and change around, and they will always take you where you wanna go. As long as you're consistent, that is. So stay consistent, split it up, and as always, happy lifting

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