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Football players will almost always skip doing abs. Although most strength coaches incorporate lifts that use your core muscles, they usually don't have you isolate this area. Abs and a strong core are very important in stabilizing your body and help nearly all movements through a twisting or thrusting motion. Not only does your performance increase, but you will get a cut up mid section!

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To do a football players ab workout you should have the most universal piece of gym equipment. You really only need a medicine ball and your own body weight to get the work done. It also helps to have some dumbbells or resistance bands but your body equips you with enough weight. However, from personal experience and knowledge I wouldn't use weights when doing these workouts. Using weights will make your stomach really bulky and big.

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To do a football players ad workout you should do a lot of twisting and crunching movements. You should also do every repetition explosively and with good form. To do a workout try to think of training my "core" rather than abs.

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Every football player trains their abs by usually doing planks or russian twists. Planks are done for a certain period of time. Planks help to build abs quickly and efficiently by using all core muscles. Russian twists are done buy using a medicine ball and twisting back and fourth while placing the ball on the ground for repetitions. These two movements alone work great and use the shortest amount of time. A general workout for myself includes 3 sets of planks for 1 minute each. I follow that by 100 russian twists. After a couple weeks the workouts will get easier so you should be increase your intensity and duration.

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If your looking to get a six pack, just doing abs isn't going to get them. You need to eat very healthy and possibly loose some body fat. It's a very common misconception that doing ab workouts causes you to loose fat around your stomach when in reality it's cardio that does that.

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Eat healthy and incorporate cardio to get the best results. To get football player abs you should be doing a lot of planks and twisting motions.

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