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First, you have to find your weak points and see how badly you need to improve upon them. You're only as strong as your weakest link. Most wrestlers I have ran across have explained to me how they seem to get tired so quickly due to their poor conditions program. However, conditioning isn't the only the downfall for most wrestlers. Many factors come into play.

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After you find your own weakness or the teams weakness for that matter, develop plans based around improving them. For example, if your team is slacking in conditioning then incorporate more aerobic based workouts into the training regimen. The same goes for any physical aspect of training, if you are slacking in it then you must find a way to improve it. The important thing is to notice improvement in the athletes.

Step 3

One of my greatest resources that I used in wrestling was looking at what collegiate and olympic wrestlers do for training. An easy way to do this to purchase a technique or perhaps a conditioning DVD to observe what the greatest wrestlers do to achieve success. Whenever I seen something that could potentially improve our teams performance I brought it to my coaches attention and low and behold when we used it in practice it showed during competition.

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Organization is also very important to keep track of what goes on day by day. I was fortunate enough to watch the Minnesota Gopher wrestling team practice and they had an actual calendar hanging up to keep track of their training regimens. This is very effective so that you don't repeat the same methods of training over and over again. Keeping the training schedule in an organized fashion is the best way to insure that your athletes are getting the most out of their training sessions. A simple wall hanging calendar will do the job for staying on track.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Most people will probably find it hard to stay on track with a training regimen. Another important aspect that needs special attention is the organization factor. If you don't stay organized then everything is just going to random training sessions with random methods of training being used.

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When I was a sophomore in high school I was the varsity starter in my weight class. This was my first true experience to see how much time and thought goes behind a wrestling practice. I was very close with my coaches so I was fortunate enough to help setup the practice plans and go through what our team needed to improve on the most. This gave me a great understanding of the methods and practice regimens it takes to be the best in your sport.

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