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If you are ever searching for the perfect wrestling instructional video you will quickly notice that there are thousands to pick from. Most of them are categorized, such as takedowns, throws, leg riding, etc. However, it's not all based around technique. There are also instructional videos based around mental preparation and things like perfecting your diet for the sport of wrestling. Look for a video that is based around one of your weaker points whether its technique based or mentality based. If you watch it and learn from it you will only see positive results.

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Credentials are also very important when selecting a wrestling instructional DVD. Usually the instructor in the film is a past NCAA national champion or perhaps a very well known olympic or college coach most of the time. This is a very important aspect when selecting an instructional DVD because you want to learn from the best of the best in the wrestling world and feel good about putting your money towards it.

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Don't be scammed into buying an $50 DVD that teaches you the same moves and tells you the same advice as a $25 DVD could have. Most of the time if an instructional wrestling video seems to be very high priced you are most likely just putting your money towards that films sponsors. But it's very possible to find instructional videos for dirt cheap too and they still have very good material within them that will help you succeed on and off the mat.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Look for credentials based around the DVD. Make sure the instructor in the film has a solid wrestling foundation and is a very successful wrestler at either the collegiate or Olympic level. You want to be learning from the best if you want to strengthen a weak point in your wrestling performance.

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My first experience with a wrestling instructional DVD was when my coach recommended me to buy one. I ended up buying two of them and couldn't of been happier due to them teaching me so much.

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