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First piece of equipment for wrestling is the singlet. You can order a singlet from any wrestling website. If you don't know what size you are, I would recommend trying to try on someones singlet that is close to your size. If not, there are usually weight specifications to follow. Color doesn't matter unless your wrestling in a Freestyle tournament. Then you will need one blue and one red singlet to compete.

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Headgear is very important to protect your ears from cauliflower ear and other head injuries. Headgear can be adjusted to fit almost all sizes. Headgear is required to wrestle in all Folkstyle (High School and College) matches. Some wrestlers prefer a cupped chin strap where others just use a straight chin strap.

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Wrestling shoes are very important. Without a good pair, you will not perform to your fullest. Choose a pair that has good traction and are light. Sometimes the extra money pays off with a good pair of shoes. Cheap shoes usually rip apart much earlier than a more expensive pair.

Step 4

If you have braces, you must wear a mouth guard that covers all parts of braces. Pick a mouth guard that does not make it hard to breath.

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Knee pads that are used in wrestling are basically the same as knee pads used for volleyball. If you find it beneficial to wear knee pads, you have two kinds to choose from. There is a sleeve knee pad, which is used to slide on the mat easier with some cushion, and there is a bubble knee pad, which has a big cushion to protect the knee.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Find the right gear that feels comfortable to you. Different gear fits in different ways so make sure you try on a couple different kinds of gear before deciding on one. If you practice wrestling often, choose more advanced gear to last longer.

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There are certain pieces of equipment in order to wrestle in an official wrestling tournament. This includes a wrestling singlet, headgear, wrestling shoes, and a mouth guard (if you have braces). Optional, but common, pieces of equipment are compression shorts, knee pads, and high crew socks.

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