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After researching various basketball court options, I have found anyone seeking to build a basketball court can do it in a variety of ways. Out of all of the different options I have narrowed the list down to 3 very good possibilities.

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First, you could hire a concrete crew to construct a basic cement court (much in the same way you would have a driveway built) and then you could finish the court by installing a hoop and painting the basketball lines on the cement after it has dried. This is your cheapest option and would provide a basic structure that you could use for basketball activities.

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A second option is to purchase a court from an established company that specializes in building athletic courts. The first company that I recommend is VersaCourt. They have earned national acclaim for the quality of their construction and have testimonials from professional athletes who have put in courts in their own homes. VersaCourt offers a few different types of court surfaces and will come install the court for you, or if you like to "Do It Yourself" they have an option where you can install your own court in order to save money.

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A third company that I have found is reputable and trustworthy is SnapSports. SnapSports offers its customers a choice of several different kinds of playing surfaces and builds tennis, inline hockey, multi-sport, and basketball courts. They can find a court that fits your desires and price-range. They also offer to install a basketball goal in addition to the basketball court and have surfaces to fit indoor, outdoor, and multi-use purposes.

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Building a basketball court can be a challenging proposition but with the right information you can create the court of your dreams.

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