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There are four basic fundamentals that every great shooter needs to learn. These fundamentals can be spelled out in the acronym BEEF.

Step 2

The "B" stands for balance. Every great shooter needs to establish their balance as they begin and end their jump shot. The shooter should place their feet about shoulder width apart (with their toes pointing towards the rim) when they start their jump shot and should work hard to land in the same place that they started.

Step 3

The "E" stands for elbow. The greatest shooters keep their elbow pinned to their side so that the bottom of their underarm makes a 90 degree angle with their body. Shooters that have their elbow jut out to the side often have difficulty maintaining a consistently straight shot.

Step 4

The second "E" stands for eyes. Shooters must remember to keep their eyes on the target they are aiming for. Most shooters prefer to look at the front of the rim, but I know several excellent shooters who focus on the back on the rim. Either way, it is important for good shooters to keep their eyes on where they want the ball to go.

Step 5

The "F" stands for follow through. Shooters that can consistently follow through will find themselves flicking their wrist so that the ball travels towards the rim in a high arch. When done properly the ball should also exhibit a good amount of backspin, which ultimately makes the shot hit the rim softer and increases your chance of making a basket.

Step 6

Two great tools that can assist you in learning to become a better shooter, are JJ Redick's DVD and the shooting glove. The DVD walks you through the techniques used by the greatest college shooter of all time. This in-depth analysis will break down the fundamental components of your shot and help you becoming a better shooter. The shooting glove also helps improve your technique by forcing you to use your fingertips to shoot the ball. This glove trains your body to shoot with proper form.

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