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Warm up drills are very important. Warm up drills should be done before stretching. Warming up should never be skipped; doing so can result in injury.

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The first step to running warm up drills is to establish which drills are going to be done. For football I would do a series of different movements to incorporate adequate blood flow to the entire body. The series of movements should consist of fast movement. Each movement should be immediately followed by another to increase blood flow throughout the body. Try to encourage the athletes to do each movement at 100%.

Step 3

You can choose movements such as sprints, lunges, lateral strides and many for movements. Any exercises are okay for warming up as long as they are a rapid movement followed by another. This is considered to be a "dynamic" warm up and are much better for football players.

Step 4

If an athlete decides that warming up isn't important; try to encourage them to do it every time before psychical activity.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Warming up is very important to do before psychical activity and stretching. Never stretch before warming up. This can lead to injury.

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I have had to warm up before ever practice, game, and lifting session. It's very important for a coach to know how to effectively run a warm up session.

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