How To Plan A Cross Country Road Trip

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Step 1

Three of four things I would say are imperative when planning a road trip: First of all, do it. Don't punk out. Don't be a baby. Its going to work out.

Step 2

Its 2008, dude. Things are connected. Every pay phone. Every cell phone. Every land line. You can call your family. You can call someone who can wire you money if that's the case. Don't worry about it. You are an able-bodied, young guy or girl. The world isn't really that bad. Especially when going with other people. Things are going to work out. Stay positive. Get off your butt and do it.

Step 3

Second, invest in a solid vehicle. I am not saying spend loads and load of money. Just keep your eyes open. You don't want something that is going to break down on you. Transmission, engine, those things are big deals. But, if a water pump here and just stupid, trivial auto body stuff - don't worry about it. Take care of it. Fix it and get on the road. Because it is really the traveling that is the best part. Don't worry about it. Don't cry. The money will be there.

Step 4

Thirdly, make sure you are with people you can stand. The last thing you ever want to do is get on the road with somebody you don't really like to begin with. And then to spend, literally 24 hours a day with them. Be smart. Break some hearts and just maybe make up some excuses why somebody cannot go or something.

Step 5

And again, balls to the walls. Hit all four points of the continental USA and don't stop until you run out of gas or until you run out of money.

Step 6

Some vital accessories and things you must make sure you don't look over, because I know from personal experiences, these things could make or break your trip. I am a big socks guy. If I do not have dry, clean socks, things can get pretty lame, pretty quickly. Its all morale. A good towel is also really good and maybe goes back to being wet. That sucks. I think if you are going to be with a couple of dudes, in something small, make sure everyone has deodorant. Because again, dude, if you are going to smell like crap, and you are going to be around others, again, it goes to morale thing. You want to keep that up. You want to keep everyone positive.

Step 7

And I think really lastly, as far as packing is concerned, I think you are good right there Stay dry.

Step 8

Traveling around the country, you see there is a lot of diversity within our United States. A thousand miles away, you will meet guys and girls who are completely different.

Step 9

Chicks in the south, for example, will blow your mind. Whether its, they are unbelievably cute, accent and drawl, or its that Southern hospitality we hear so much about. Once you see it, you really just fall for it. Whether it is a college town or a small town, its really wild how that works.

Step 10

You shoot up North, and you get up towards the Virginia area just south of New England, you know, girls are going to change, people are a lot busier. Like in DC, for example. You are not going to meet the most friendly people because people are not friendly. There's definitely kind o a lacking of girls at least those who are willing to talk to a bunch of gangly guys.

Step 11

And as we came back through the Midwest, its funny because we were coming through states like North Dakota, and Montana, we were going through your Minnesota. Minnesota, a lot of my friends would say has the most gorgeous, sweetest girls in the country. Personally, I never saw them and it became this kind of joke between us. But, I guess you will find just perfect, blond, amazing women that will invite you back to hang out with them and stuff like that. I never saw it. But I guess they exist.

Step 12

In the more Midwest, land-locked states, we would come across girls who were sort of like girls in the South, where things were a little slower. Coming from Southern California, I guess we were a bit quick. But you just get to rub elbows with chicks probably you will never see again, and you get to maybe dispel Southern California myths or at the same time fulfill certain stereotypes and really just kind of hope that you get lucky and girls are going to be girls wherever you go. So, I guess if it works in Southern California, it will work wherever you go.

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