How To Photograph Football Games

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Step 1

The first step to photograph football is to purchase a high quality camera. If your going to take this seriously, A camera that allows you to zoom in very close and far away while be needed. The pixels in the camera will also be very important for the best picture results.

Step 2

The second step is determining how serious about this you will be. If you would simply like to sit in the stands and take pictures from there that is fine. But at the high school level you can ask for the coaches permission in some cases to stand on the sideline and take pictures.

Step 3

Taking pictures from the stands can be very fun but irritating at the same time. A camera with a large amount of zoom will be needed. From the stands you can take pictures and work with higher angles. This will allow you to single out a player in each picture. It also allows you to take pictures of the whole team. The only down side to taking pictures from the stands in not being able to move freely and having other people possibly interfere with the picture. I would recommend sitting really high or in the very front of the stands.

Step 4

Taking pictures from the sidelines can be a really fun experience. Not only your children, but other team members really like to see pictures of themselves playing. Working along the sidelines would allow you to move almost freely and take really nice pictures. You can work multiple angles and areas.

Step 5

What you do with your pictures is entirely up too you. Many kids like to use them on social media cites. You can put them on there to let all the kids see and use them.

Step 6

It can be a lot of fun to include everyone. Include pictures of coaches, players, cheer leaders and ect.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Taking pictures can be a good time. Just make sure the camera your working with has good enough technology to take great pictures.

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My mom has always been taking my pictures since I was little. It's a great way for parents to get involved and find a fun hobby.

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